Chaos As Residents Threat To Hang LCV Chair After Calling Them Squirrels

Chaos As Residents Threat To Hang LCV Chair After Calling Them Squirrels an accessible web community

By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: Angry residents of Rugazi Parish, Masheruka Sub-County, Sheema District want the area District Chairman Mr. Kabigumira David to kneel down publicly and apologize for calling them Squirrels (Kamugye).

All these were said by residents while clearing their water streams to avoid paying water bills.

It should be remembered that Rugazi parish has been using tap water for a while until weeks back when a certain water rehabilitation project known as Umbrella and some Sheema District authorities told them to start paying for water, something that annoyed residents

Katusiime Nicholas Yakobo the owner of the water source where the water tanks are built, told TheSpyUganda that what annoys them is to hear the Chairman LCV calling them Kamugye and accusing them of having no brains.
“We want him dead or live to publicly apologize to us because standing on your two legs and you term a man like me as kamuugye, as if he is the one looking after my family! This was not good at all.” Kansiime said.

Nabasa Dennis also a resident of Katojo village said that if Kabigumira doesn’t want to apologize for them in public, he shouldn’t bother at any time to step in their land.
“If kabigumira doesnot want to apologise before us, then he should never even at one time step in our
area plus forgetting votes of this side, calling us kamuugye!!!” Nabasa screamed.

We tried to reach Chairman Kabigumira on phone but he couldn’t Pick either he was making our phones busy.

Few years back, Chairman Kabigumira escaped narrowly from being killed by the same people of Rugazi when he had gone there on the same Water issue.

Residents turned against him holding small and big sticks but he was saved by police. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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