Chaos In Court As  Dr.Stella Nyanzi Strips Before Magistrate Kamasanyu

Chaos In Court As Dr.Stella Nyanzi Strips Before Magistrate Kamasanyu an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: Buganda Road Court was thrown into disarray and confusion on Friday afternoon after Dr. Stella Nyanzi stripped and swung bubbly boobs at presiding magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu.

Dr. Stella Nyanzi undressing in court
Dr. Stella Nyanzi undressing in court

Magistrate Kamasanyu, who had earlier on Tuesday found Dr.Nyanzi guilty of offensive communication, was meant to make her ruling on another charge of cyber harassment, which the Professor is also battling.

However, the ruling did not proceed as scheduled, because midway the court session, Nyanzi lost her cool, lifted up her blouse before baring her breast at the Magistrate and other people who were present in court.

Nyanzi, who was appearing for the ruling through video teleconferencing from Luzira Prison, shocked the entire nation when she called Magistrate Kamasanyu a coward, before hurling the vilest words at her, while making obscene gestures with her middle finger, which means an ‘F’ word.

Dr. Stella Nyanzi  after undressing in court
Dr. Stella Nyanzi after undressing in court

 Prisons warders attempted to restrain her but she shrugged them off and exposed her breasts which she shook as she shouted more vulgar insults at Kamasanyu.

Left with no choice, the prisons warders at Luzira struggled with Nyanzi to get her off the camera, before whisking her out of the makeshift Prisons court dock.

Meanwhile, all that happened as Kamasanyu looked on in disbelief. She kept staring as disorder engulfed court and for the first time she couldn’t apprehend anyone for contempt of court.

Nyanzi swings her boobs
Nyanzi swings her boobs

Things went out hand after the people in court started singing the national anthem and when she couldn’t withstand the chaos anymore,  Kamasanyu was whisked out of court by her police bodyguards.

Dr. Nyanzi is accused of among others annoying the person of the President, disrespecting the President’s late mother Esteri Kokundeka and the First Lady through attacking them using statements she made on Facebook . an accessible web community

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