Chief Justice Katureebe Orders Arrest Of Police Officers Over Stolen Goats

Chief Justice Katureebe Orders Arrest Of Police Officers Over Stolen Goats an accessible web community

By Our Reporter

Kampala: The Chief Justice of Uganda Bart Katureebe is involved in a bitter standoff with the police in Rubirizi following the theft of four of his goats from his farm in  Kiruhura district.

Spy Uganda can exclusively reveal that it all started last week when Katureebe’s goats were stolen  from his farm  in Kiruhura by some goons. Shortly after the theft  he reported the matter to police and tasked cops to look for the suspects. The stolen goats were later traced in Rubirizi district. How ever, during the investigations, two goats were recovered alive and two had already been slaughtered. Thereafter the Chief Justice ordered the Rubirizi District Police Commander  (DPC) and his team to arrest the suspects, although they didn’t know them. So in the process of hunting for the suspects,  the DPC and his team ended in trouble, after they failed to find suspects.

The situation ended up becoming very ugly for the DPC, OC station and OC Operations, after failing to find suspects, they were instead detained. The arrested officers include SP Dick Ayesigomwe (DPC) formerly Rubirizi Police DPC, ASP Okong  Francis formerly OC station Rubirizi and C/Asp Odong Tobia, OC Operations Rubirizi district.They are all detained at Railway Police Kampala and are  accused of neglect of duty.

Meanwhile, later, the real suspects were arrested and detained at Mbarara Police Station because that was where the case had been registered.

However, even after the suspects being arrested, the police officers who were arrested are still in detention since Monday  this week.

They’ve been denied access to the Inspector General of Police, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Criminal Investigations Directorate and all other avenues through which they would have sought intervention into the matter.

Sources say their friends have tried to move around trying to lobby the powers that be such that the police officers can be given a police bond but all their efforts have proved futile.

TheSpy Uganda  has since established that the DPC  and OC station had been transferred from Rubirizi district back to police headquarters pending fresh deployment,but the day they were supposed to report to their new station was when they got arrested immediately upon reporting for duty. This has created  suspicion on whether it was a genuine transfer.

“IGP himself knows that his gazetted officers are in detention since Monday, because even their colleagues have briefed him about the saga,” one officer told this reporter.

Relatives and families of these police officers are now wondering whether part of their mandate is to take care of the Chief Justice’s goats instead of attending to state duties. Besides, the  Chief Justice has security guards at his farm, German Shepherd dogs, CCTV cameras plus managers of his property, who are supposed to ensure security of his goats, not police officers,relatives of the arrested officers was heard wondering.

Investigations into the matter are being conducted vide reference number  SD  213/2019 at CID headquarters. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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