City Lawyer Activist Sues UG Gov’t Over Animal Rights!

City Lawyer Activist Sues UG Gov’t Over Animal Rights! an accessible web community

By Ronaldo N Kalangi

A city lawyer has threatened to drag the Attorney General (Gov’t) to courts of law for simply ‘looking on’ as unsuspecting public continues to consume poisonous meat caused by rampant torture of domestic animals and violation of their rights by sections of people who deal in the business of selling and slaughtering of animals for meat.

According to Paul Keishari, animals’ lawyer activist, government through the Attorney General should be put to task to explain why they haven’t prevented animals from cruelty as the laws protecting their Rights dictates.

In the document seen by TheSpy, counsel Keishari demands an explanation as to why Ugandan government is still reluctant to punish the perpetrators when animals’ Rights are being violated every day.

He highlighted that most of the animals that are slaughtered every day in township abattoirs, their rights are always violated either on how they are transported from farms to how they are slaughtered.

“As you are aware, the objective of animals prevention and cruelty act, any person who engages in acts of kicking, ill-treating, infuriating, overloading, transporting and slaughtering of animals in unnecessary cruel manner commits an offence of cruelty and is liable on conviction to impersonation or fine,” he clarified.

He said that despite the above provisions being in place, animals continue to be tortured everyday in the way they are transported and slaughtered.

“Some animals especially pigs have of late been subjected to tirade of verbal and physical abuse, but government is doing nothing to address this situation by failing to implement the act where culprits especially in urban centres would be prosecuted in courts of law for such cruel acts against innocent animals,” he said.

Keishari has given government 30 days to implement the said act or face the long arm of the law.

Researches carried out by scientists indicate that mistreatment of animals lead to production of poisonous meat which is deemed not fit for human consumption. an accessible web community

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