City Pastor Bugingo Tails down! Apologizes To Wife, Women Fraternity

City Pastor Bugingo Tails down! Apologizes To Wife, Women Fraternity an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: Following the bloody criticism from all corners of the world for shaming his Wife Teddy Naluswa in a bid to s-excite and impress new catch Susan Makula, Man of God Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has finally coiled his tail and apologized.

Speaking to his sheep earlier today at House of Prayer Ministries, Bugingo knelt down and begged his wife, family, friends and all women to forgive his foul mouth.

“I ask Teddy to forgive me from the bottom of her heart. I fully apologize. I had no intention of hurting her. I am sorry to all the women starting from my own mother down to that little girl in the womb. Yes I went through emotional pain in those 10 years. They were trying. But I should have spoken about it in a more sober way,” Bugingo told his followers.

Bugingo also denied allegations of intended demeaning Ms. Naluswa his Ex-wife.

“I did not intend to offend my wife Teddy Naluswa, my children and women,” Bugingo said during a service.

The pastor claimed that his utterances were a reply to his wife’s public testimony some time back.
“My wife once willingly gave a testimony of how God’s powers healed her. My words were just gluing up what she said but not to offend her,” Bugingo stated.

From Wednesday, a day he made comments of having been deemed unacceptable, Human rights activists and the general public reacted angrily to Bugingo’s claims that his estranged wife Naluswa had suffered a hemorrhagic for 10 years an accessible web community

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