Clients Stranded As MTN OTT Payment System Breaks Down

Clients Stranded As MTN OTT Payment System Breaks Down an accessible web community

By Isaac Tugume

Subscribers of telecom giant MTN are shedding buckets of tears because they cannot access social media no matter  how much they have, due to a breakdown in the MTN OTT payment system.

Several MTN clients who have tried to pay for OTT today have been left with huge disappointments after the operator machine refusing to accept their payments.

However, MTN is yet to issue a statement  about this impasse, which has left many subscribers crying foul.

It should be noted however that this comes at a  time when the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Commissioner General Doris Akol has just proposed to government to amend the way OTT tax is being collected.

Akol proposed to Parliament’s Finance Committee on Tuesday that OTT should be collected from data bundles that subscribers  buy, instead of levying it as a separate tax.

The URA boss argued that currently OTT has high nonperformance levels and evasion rates, especially because of Virtual Private Networks or VPN an accessible web community

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