Come & Tell Us Your Senga Things: Police Summons Organizers Of Senga Mulongo Babirye’s Illegal Event At Holy Farm

Come & Tell Us Your Senga Things: Police Summons Organizers Of Senga Mulongo Babirye’s Illegal Event At Holy Farm an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

The territorial police in KMP North and Nansana Divison, have summoned the organizers of a performance by Senga Mulongo Babirye, that was taking place at Holly Farm Hotel, in Nansana, without clearance from the territorial RPC or DPC.

Police says based on the layout of the hotel, the space was not sufficient to accommodate 6000 revelers fans, and guests, the parking area was very limited causing an overflow to the vicinity.

Police further says the organizers at Holly Farm and the performer, Senga Mulongo Babirye, did not have any emergency plan documents, to help reveal their overall response to emergencies like stampede, how to deal with medical response, threats like terrorism, parking etc.

“As you are all aware, we have now entered week 5, since the full reopening of the economy, fans are energized especially young concert goers. It is not uncommon for them to break through the barricades during the concert, or other festival,” says Police adding;

“Of recent we have seen musicians and performers actively encouraging and fermenting dangerous behaviors on stage, that can make the fans uncontrollable, like stripping on the stage and jumping into the crowd.”

Police warns concert and event organizers, as well as proprietors of venue’s including hotels, that crowd control at music events and promotions is very crucial, due to the associated risks and dangers of poor crowd control.

The Force adds that event organizers must come up with their emergency response plans and preparation plans clearly indicating provisions for emergency medical services, in case of injuries, first aid, loss of consciousness, drug overdose, managing crowds, evacuation routes, security at the venues, along nearby roads, gates, fence lines VIP areas, including along the perimeter. “This helps the performers and organizers to have an incident free event.” an accessible web community

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