Comedienne Kansiime, Lover Swap Saliva

Comedienne Kansiime, Lover Swap Saliva an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Popular city comedienne Anne Kansiime is enjoying steamy moments with her new lover only identified as Abaraham Skylanta, whom she replaced her ex-hubby Gerald Ojok with.

Spies intimate that smitten Kansiime is enjoying Public Displays of Affection with Skylanta, something she used not to  do with Ojok.

Anne Kansiime with Gerald Ojok before they split
Anne Kansiime with Gerald Ojok before they split

The couple on Sunday posted snaps in which they are seen swapping saliva as Skylanta hungrily chews Kansiime’s lips.  

The couple has been enjoying love-dovey moments ever since Kansiime decided to dump her hubby and move in with the lad, who is said to be way younger than her.

Kansiime dumped Ojok almost two years after their traditional marriage and they did have a child together.

Her new passionate moments with Skylanta however seem to have taken her on Cloud 9, reason why she bobs around town with swag these days. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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