Coming Soon!Record TV Introduces Moses & The Ten Commandments Soap Opera!

Coming Soon!Record TV Introduces Moses & The Ten Commandments Soap Opera! an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Moses and the Ten Commandments, the incredibly successful soap opera tells the epic saga of Moses, from his birth to the arrival of the Hebrews to the Promised Land, including the escape from Egypt through the Red Sea and his encounter with God on Mount Sinai.

Filmed partially on location in Israel, Egypt, and in the Atacama Desert in Chile, authenticity in film sets, scenery, costumes and historical accounts, and a deep respect for the Bible are paramount. A big production filled with amazing special effects unfolds more than a century of history.

You can watch this amazing story on Record TV (Star Times 221, Gotv 828, FTA).

Record TV aims to encourage viewers to seek an alternative television experience.

Broadcasting through Star Times 221, Gotv 828, FTA platforms, it’s rapidly becoming a great choice for TV viewers due to its highly diversified daily content that meets different tastes and interests.

Supported by a great selection of programmes, that cover everything from fashion and world news to music, inspirational programmes, soap operas, mini-series, reality TV and sports, Record TV is relevant to a wide-ranging audience.

For more information, visit or find Record TV Uganda on Facebook and on Twitter @recordtvuganda.  Join them to know some of their programmes. an accessible web community

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