Controversial Kibalama Sweats Plasma In Court  As Lawyers Grill Him Over Denying Signing On NURP Transitional Documents

Controversial Kibalama Sweats Plasma In Court As Lawyers Grill Him Over Denying Signing On NURP Transitional Documents an accessible web community

By Monica Kobusiinge 

Kampala: As we report this, controversial Kibalama Nkonge former President National Unity Platform (NUP) formerly the National Unity, Reconciliation and Development Party (NURP), is sweating plasma in front of Justice Musa Ssekana over a hot grilling season against him over denial to have signed the party’s transitional documents to the current leader of NUP.

In court, Kibalama denied having signed the party transitional documents with a sober mind, the former police officer who is supposed to be well versed with the law has told the court that he did not know what he was signing.

“Bobi Wine and team retained all the documents, I was travelling to Kayunga and it was late at 8 pm and I tasked my secretary-general to ascertain the authenticity of what we were signing.”

However, after being fully questioned, Kibalama also admitted signing the change of name documents from NURP to NUP but he said it was an illegality

“Did you know giving out false information is a criminal offence? As a former police officer, you sat somewhere and you signed what,” Ssegona asked while cross-examining Kibalama.

Moses Nkonge Kibalama Appearing Before High Court

Kibalama also disputes the manner in which the name was hurriedly changed which he argues that it contradicts with the political party act that does not fall into the time frame within which the changes were made. “The documents are supposed to be signed 6 months after the delegates conference as per the political parties act,” Kibalama told the court.

“You say you do not like the new name then what has inspired you to like the name, who are the other people interested in the name change?” Medard Ssegona asked.

“It is not me who does not want the name, there are other political players who are interested,” Kibalama responded.

“If you had not been sidelined by the new leadership, we would not be here in court,” Bobi wine’s lawyer said.

“For me, whether given a caution of what to do or not, I didn’t have any bad feeling about it. I just wanted the party to compete on the national political stage. My concern is with my colleagues of the old structure, they have been sidelined, not invited to execute party roles,” Kibalama said.

Kibalama is appearing before Court to pronounce himself about changing his affidavits in the case brought against him. Kibalama and former party secretary had sworn and signed affidavits that the party leadership and the name were changed after delegates’ conference which occurred in Kakiri.

Kibalama was last week summoned by High Court judge Musa Ssekaana to be questioned by lawyers of Robert Kyagulanyi on what prompted him to want to pull out of the sale agreement of his party, where he did not show up in court, amidst reports that he was being held by security agencies outside his home.

However, the court session this morning was interrupted for several minutes as police clashed with several journalists saying they could not be allowed inside the courtroom.

In this case, two members of the NUP are suing the party’s old administration under Mr Kibalama as well as the new leadership for what they call an illegal change of name and leadership of the party.

The two members Difas Basile and Hassan Twala want the court to order the Electoral Commission de-register the party on the basis of the alleged irregularities.

Last week, in a twist of events Mr Kibalama told the court in a signed affidavit that he had been misled by Bobi Wine’s team to sell them his party.

He also claimed that the party acquisition process had not followed the right procedures and that they had provided falsified documents to the EC to facilitate its registration.

In addition, Nup’s current President Hon Kyagulanyi who was also present in court has also commented on what transpired in court in facebook post-reading thus;

“Our former Party President, Mr Moses Nkonge Kibalama just confirmed to the court that he has been under detention for two weeks in Mbale, under military protection. He has asked the court to help him regain his freedom.

He says he was summoned by Gen. David Muhoozi, the Chief of Defence Forces who quizzed him about changes in party leadership! He has disowned the video in which he appeared claiming that he was promised 5 million dollars to change party leadership.

He appeared timid and even confirmed that even in the courtroom, are security operatives. He cried several times during cross-examination.

What a country!” an accessible web community an accessible web community

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