COSASE Sub-Committee’s Plot To Humiliate Tycoon Sudhir Leaks

COSASE Sub-Committee’s Plot To Humiliate Tycoon Sudhir Leaks an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

We have been reliably informed that there is a plan for by the select Committee investigating the grabbing of departed Asians Properties since July been targeting property Mogul Dr Sudhir Ruparelia.

Sources within the committee headed by Makindye East MP Ibrahim Kasozi is divided over what to do to Sudhir who has always asked for what exactly are the issues.

The letter from COSASE summoning Tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia

The sources say, the MPs want to milk the tycoon despite knowing that he has never repossessed any departed Asians properties.

It has come out that these MPs who have been moving around all Asians who are managing dozens of properties asking for money, have also been moving around Sudhir asking for money.

Letter from COSASE showing some of the properties they want to ask Sudhir about

To their disappointment, the tycoon has stood his ground saying he has no case to answer before Parliament.

A few months ago, Sudhir was quoted in the media saying he bought whatever property being mentioned against his name- a case in point being Plot 24 Kampala road which sources say is being eyed by some sections within government.

Information from sources reveals that now the MPs, frastrated by the tycoon, have now invited him to Parliament so that they can humiliate him through an arrest.

This is all aimed at intimidating the unrelenting tycoon.

Sudhir has written to the committee answering whatever query he has was given. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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