Court Adjourns Tycoon Allan Kagoro, Sylivia Lisa’s Case Till End Of March

Court Adjourns Tycoon Allan Kagoro, Sylivia Lisa’s Case Till End Of March an accessible web community

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Kampala: The controversial case between Fort portal business tycoon  Allan Kagoro and her tenant, a one Ngonzi Sylvia aka Lisa Sylvia Ateenyi has been further adjourned to the end of coming month, March 26 at 12:30pm and March 29, 2021 at 10:30am. 

The high court judge Alivza seating at Fort portal high court on Monday adjourned the case and asked the plaintiff to organize all the receipts for a fresh audit to ascertain her claims that she injected in over shs45m in renovations which she wants her landlord Allan Kagoro to cough. Her lordship also quashed a request by plaintiff’s counsel to adjourn case to September to allow them ample time to prepare their paperwork.

“That would be unfair to the defendants, because now we would go 2022,2023. I want to dispose of this case because it has been here since April 2019. Make all your submissions early enough, otherwise next time I will embarrass you before your client,” fumed the judge.

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The case that has been rotating in court since 2019 was filed by Ngonzi Sylivia who accused Allan of demanding rent money yet she had allegedly injected in over shs45m in renovations which money, according to her,she had not yet recovered.

On the other hand however, Allan argues that Sylvia grossly breached both tenancy and partnership agreements by refusing to declare among others, proper books of accounts.

In The Partnership Agreement They Agreed that;

1. Sylvia was to inject in some money for renovations on her part while Allan’s contribution was to provide the facility (Allan Resort).

2.That Sylvia would then first fully recover her costs injected in the renovations through sales before they could now start sharing profits and losses in future if any.

3. They also agreed that the above could come to fulfilment through approval of such expenses by both parties through proper book-keeping and filing of all expenses receipts.

However having agreed to all the above, tycoon Allan says Sylvia started playing games;

1. Inflating expenses on many items, whereby some costs were way higher than the actual pricing on the market.
2. Double-entry of some receipts for some goods which showed gross irregularities and at the end discovered that he was demanding over 111m from Sylvia as opposed to what she was claiming.

As a result, therefore, Allan gave a three-month vacation notice to Sylvia which she replied informing him that she was not going to pay any single coin and in fact, she was going to stay in the premises for 15months to recover her money which she had injected in during the partnership period, which she herself asked to cancel.

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After three months, Allan cordoned off his place and threw her out for continuous breach of contracts. Three weeks later, Sylvia ran to court asking it to grant her permission to re-enter premises. However, the court didn’t grant her that prayer, it instead ordered for STATUS QUO to remain until the case is heard and disposed of on its merits.

However, according to Allan, Sylvia contemplated Court order and she, later on, organized a gang of hooligans at night (2am), came with pangas, hammers and other objects, broke all the barricades, gate padlocks and forced herself back into the premises at night! “She re-instated herself, ignoring court orders, yet she is the one who took me to court,” he alleged.

Sylvia Wakes Up, Hands Over Premises, Takes Off!

Ever since 2019, Sylvia refused to pay rent to her tenant and refused to vacate the premises, claiming she was waiting for Court’s judgement. But on Friday, without court judgement, she came kneeling for the already disappointed and furious tycoon to sign a handover letter to vacate the premises which Allan declined saying he will do so when he is satisfied with its current status. She came back the following day and fixed a few things which were spoilt and then Allan signed, then she took to the heels. Meanwhile, let’s wait for the 26, 29 March 2021 hearing. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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