Deadly War: Bunyangabu District LC 5 Boss Ategeka Slaps RDC Asiimwe Over Gov’t Vehicle

Deadly War: Bunyangabu District LC 5 Boss Ategeka Slaps RDC Asiimwe Over Gov’t Vehicle an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

The Local Council V Chairman for Bunyangabu district James Ategeka Mugarama aka Entale, the ever quiet man, slept in the coolers last night at Kibiito Police,Bunyangabu.

Bunyangabu District LC V Chairperson slapping RDC Jane Asiimwe

This after he was embroiled in a deadly word-war fare with the Bunyangabu District Resident District Commissioner Jane Asiimwe Muhindo over a pickup car.

It’s reported that Muhindo had gone to retrieve Ategeka’s official car, a double cabin, which is a government vehicle given to him as an LCV chairman, but this time round Muhindo wanted it as per presidential directives to help in the Coronavirus fight.

Ategeka Mugarama slaps RDC Jane Asiime

It should be noted that during his recent national address about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), President Yoweri Museveni directed all civil servants in possession of government vehicles to park them at the district such that they can be used as ambulances in rushing suspected Coronavirus victims to designated health centres.

However, it has since been discovered that some RDCs are abusing this directive by hiding behind it to service their other personal ego and fights.

One classic example, our reporter last night got wind of is the incident between the two giants in Bunyangabu where it’s alledged that Muhindo and her croonies were using this to fight a silent, but very dangerous tribal war against Ategeka that has been brewing for long at the district leadership.

“If you’re talking about facilitating District teams to mobilize against Coronavirus, the LCV is among the task force, even before the presidential directive came,Ategeka was using his car already to transport patients of other diseases to different places. Are you not surprised that of all the leaders at the District,RDC wants C/Man’s car? then as a boss of this District how do you want him to monitor what’s going on in gos district? This is a tribal war that lady and other two top leaders in the district have been fermenting for long, LCV chairman is supposed to be part of the District task force,but they’re fighting him,” a source at the district told this reporter last night.

After suffering for long silently, eyewitnesses said Ategeka boiled to the brim last night and lost his cool and to everyone’s shock, in a blink of an eye, the gogious,bootylicous Muhindo sexy looking Muhindo from the Rwenzori mountains was ONE HARD SLAP RICHER than she came!

The video has since made rounds on social media where Ategeka is quoted throwing tantrums at the now timid RDC who was whaijed away for dear life as Ategeka is also being taken to the coolers whe he spent the night having a chat with bedbags and other inmates, like phone snatchers, night dancers, Matooke thievsles among others that he found in detention.

“Olekere aho k’umanyiira, you’re nothing you stupid you dog,” Ategeka was heard yelling at the bootylicous RDC as he was being dragged away from the scene.

Ategeka was dragged away before he could tear RDC Janes Asiimwe into pieces

Ategeka continued yelling vile words at her as he was being dragged away such that his fierce anger could settle.  

A few minutes after Ategeka was dragged away, Muhindo ordered Ategeka’s driver to drive the vehicle to Bunyangabu police and park it there, pending deployment.

“This is not about politics. It is all about implementing the Presidential Directives in the fight against Coronavirus. This is a national matter,” Muhindo later told the press when thought for her comment.

But What Are The Under Lying,Bitter Truth About Ategeka,Muhindo Fight?

Although we can hide our heads under the sand like ostriches, the last night unfortunate incident between RDC Jane Asiimwe Mihindo and James Ategeka Mugarama (Entale) is just an a tip of an iceberg, there’s more to interrogate than just last night’s fight.

To begin with,there has long been a silent tribal war between the ‘native’ Batooro in the district where by most have been complaining of marginalization in leadership at the district and national levels.

“Do you know that Hon.Adolf Mwesig[y]e who is our MP and defence minister and Hon.Peace Mutuuzo and others are using proxies to fight the only Mutooro top leader we have at the district? They want to fail him in every aspect, because they want that seat next year. You even saw last time when the president was here, they literally took over the entire function, they didn’t want other people to even greet the president,just to greet him, we embraced those people with open hands but they’re not good,” one of the elderly opinion leaders said on phone last night. an accessible web community

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