Detained 90 NUP Supporters Had Formed An Illegal Government Within A Gov’t-Enanga Confirms

Detained 90 NUP Supporters Had Formed An Illegal Government Within A Gov’t-Enanga Confirms an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda 

Kampala: Uganda police force has finally cleared the air about the 90 members of the National Unity Platform (NUP) who were arrested in Kalangala alongside presidential candidate Robert Ssentamu Kygulanyi aka Bobi Wine who was later airlifted back to his home in Magere Wakiso District.

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In a statement issued on Thursday by police spokesperson Fred Enanga, revealed that the arrested had formed an illegal government within President Museveni’s government before the team was apprehended from Kalangala Island.

”Following the operation of 30.12.2020, on the continued acts of impunity and lawlessness, during the political campaign in Kalangala, our joint task team of investigators, comprising of CCTV analysts, cybercrime, intelligence, and CID experts thoroughly interviewed the suspects based on surveillance videos and intelligence information,” Enanga said.

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Enanga further noted that a total number of 90 suspects who formed part of the violent mobile teams from Kampala, were on 30.12.2020, arrested and transferred to Greater Masaka Region, where statements were recorded from them, on allegations of inciting violence, disobedience of lawful orders, inconsiderate use of the roads, and negligently doing acts likely to spread an infectious disease.

He added that another subsidiary group of 26 suspects from the community in Kalangala, were also questioned and their statements recorded on similar allegations.

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”The violent group of suspects associated with NUP, have been working falsely as a parallel but illegal government and actively involved in acts of intimidation and lawlessness across different parts of the country. The operation, therefore, was aimed at keeping all Ugandans safe and to help eliminate all continuous acts of impunity, lawlessness, and political violence, during the ongoing campaigns and electoral events. A total of 6 motor vehicles, 20 motorcycles were impounded and exhibited”. Enanga noted.

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Enanga added that a case file has been submitted to the RSA [A public-key encryption algorithm developed by Ronald Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman in 1978 that became a de-facto standard] for legal guidance and probable sanctioning, while the suspects still remain in custody. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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