Dfcu Bank Finally Admits Fraudsters Hacked System And Stole Billions

Dfcu Bank Finally Admits Fraudsters Hacked System And Stole Billions

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By Our Reporter

Kampala: Dfcu bank on Monday 15 July finally released an official statement following mounting reports of detected Fraud in its system by Bank top officials and admited there was hacking into the system but the money stolen was being exagarated.

The suspected hacker Braise Obunze who was arrested by police detectives recently in connection to dfcu Bank’s saga.

In its official statement, the bank accepted of fraud in its system in May where billions of shillings were withdrawn by hackers who had internal collaborators but contested the figures the media was reporting, thought the bank didn’t give actual amounts.

The bank said investigations were on-going and urged its clients and depositors to stay put.

According to TheSpy sources, when the case was reported to police, one suspect identified as Braise Ombuze was arrested and had been detained at CID head offices in Kibuli Kampala.
He was charged with the offense of Electronic Fraud and Theft under a reference Vide CID HQTRS GEF 604/2019 before being detained at CID head offices.

However, Ombuze was granted a police bond on June 29, 2019. He was ordered to appear at Kibuli on July 1, 2019 for reporting.
The police bond dated June 29 instructs Mr. Braise to appear at Kibuli on July 1, at 10am for reporting.“And continue to attend until otherwise directed by court further to answer to the said charge,” the police bond reads in part.

The suspect was bailed out by two sureties, Ambrose Belisya and a one Esther.

Braise is among six suspects who breached DFCU’s system and accessed customers’ information.
$2.6M depositors’ money has since been stolen.

We learnt that the masterminds breached some accounts in Kampala late last month and accessed the cash.
Earlier reports suggested the crime was executed by four junior staff and two outsiders.

Days ago we reported that a case was opened at Kibuli CID head offices.

However, detectives handling the matter declined to divulge details to the media insisting there is no case nor suspects in their custody.

Sources had previously said that the hackers first accessed Shs700 million through ATMs.

The hackers cracked the bank’s system and started using “old unauthorized ATM cards” allegedly belonging to a number of pseudo customers “created by these hackers.”Bank

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