DFCU E/D’s Wife In Police Coolers Over Bounced Cheque!

DFCU E/D’s Wife In Police Coolers Over Bounced Cheque!

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By Benson Tumusiime

Ms Robinah Sekabembe,wife to Mr.William Sekabembe, former Chief of Business & Executive Director of DFCU bank spent her weekend at Old Kampala police station cells for allegedly issuing a Shs 90 million to one Ms Sarah Nambalirwa that later bounced.

It is stated that on 11th August 2016, Ms Robinah Sekabembe brought a man called Mr.Tom Bwette to Ms Sarah Nambalirwa, a business woman dealing in financial services under the company of Ajmal Enterprises and applied for a loan of fifty (50) million shillings where Ms Robinah stood as a guarantor and a loan agreement was drawn.

According to the agreement dated 11th August 2016, the borrower (Tom Bwette) took a short term loan of fifty million shillings which he was to pay in a period of one month with the interest rate of eight percept and Robinah was his guarantor.

Loan Agreement Entered into

According to the agreement, both the borrower and the guarantor issued cheques which acted as the security of the money taken. Tom Bwette issued Cheque No.000465 and 000468 of commercial bank of Africa of 20, 000,000 each respectively that shall only operate as a security and may be banked in the event of the default by the borrower and all the cheques bounced.Consequently,Tom was arrested and detained.

Ms Robinah being the Guarantor of the borrower, she also issued a Cheque from centenary bank of 90 million as one of the requirements if they fail to pay the money.

According to the agreement, the lender would be entitled to a default fee of 10 percent per month, should they fail to pay with in the agreed time.

Now, after defaulting on the terms agreed, according to our sources at Old Kampala police, a case of issuing a bounced Cheque was entered vide CRB 810/17 and now Robinah became a wanted person.

Close sources said upon learning of this development, Robinah started playing and seek games dodging to make statement over the same.

However,last weekend lack ran out of Robinah’s hands, she was tracked and netted on her way home and is now the coolers at Old Kampala as we write this as she awaits to be reined in court.

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