Dfcu ‘Voted’ Worst Bank Of 2021!

Dfcu ‘Voted’ Worst Bank Of 2021!

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: When, where how and what criterion was used to choose the best and worst banks for 2021-2022 in Uganda, God knows…But what we’re sure of is that one of dfcu customers popularly known on Facebook as Brytcity Baba is not happy with their services. In fact, Baba prays hard when dfcu will finally cough back the big elephant they ‘ate’ in the names of Crane Bank because according to him, he was a happy customer until the dramatic takeover.

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The Capital FM employee, after getting disgusted over the Bank’s customer care, went ‘gaaga’ on Facebook on Friday thus; “But dfcu, what do you call yourself, ever since you took over Crane Bank your services are terrible! customer care line zero. WhatsApp customer care services respond after a month”.

Brytcity who ranked dfcu as the worst bank further said that now to access a service he has to first call a friend who knows someone in the bank so as to get helped.

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Brytcity’s Facebook Post

”I always first call a friend in there who knows someone to get a service. You deserve an award for the worst customer service in the banking category,” disappointed Brytcity added.

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It is worth noting that Crane Bank was the fourth-largest bank by the time it was taken over by the central bank, with assets of Shs1,794.34 billion (as of the end of 2015). Dfcu, on the other hand, was the sixth-largest bank with assets of Shs1,651.63 billion at the end of 2015 (but which dropped to Shs1623.30 billion at the end of June 2016). So this means that the acquisition of Crane Bank would push Dfcu up the list of Uganda’s largest banks with high standard service delivery but on the contrary hundreds of Ugandans have since been crying foul over the bank’s poor services and regrettable customer care.

Back to Bryt Baba, please may you find enough space to divulge more details on who were the runner’s up, the best and possibly,where the award was hosted? Waiting….

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