DIGP Gen. Sabiiti Unveils Plan To Fight Crime In Metropolitan  Kampala

DIGP Gen. Sabiiti Unveils Plan To Fight Crime In Metropolitan Kampala

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By Frank Kamuntu 

Kampala: Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP ) Maj. Gen. Sabiiti Mzee has revealed that the police have a new plan on how to fight criminality in Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso, Masaka and other parts of the country.

Following orders from President Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Sabiiti, who is filling in for his boss Inspector General of Police IGP Ochola, who is away in Peru on official duties, announced Friday while at Naguru Police Headquarters, the new strategies that will be used by the army and police to ensure Ugandans and their properties are secure .

Gen. Sabiiti, who was flanked by Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) Commander Land Forces Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu and other security officers, said that “We are now focusing on five major areas including increased security visibility, profiling, and pursuit of known repeat offenders, linkage and effective communication with the public as well as creating awareness, quick and effective response.”

He added that “The detailed security plan is to tackle the current wave of violent crime, especially in the Kampala policing area which includes Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso, Entebbe since these are common crime scenes.

This reviewed plan sits within the 12 wider measures announced last year by the President. I want to report that a lot of strides have been made in this regard, including the aspects of installation of cameras, finger printing of fire arms, improving the police Forensics capacity, as well as improving the Crime Intelligence and Criminal Investigations Directorates, all of which are ongoing.”

Gen. Sabiiti noted that as police they have a poor flow of communication but promised that they will ensure proper information linkage and effective communication with the public, as well as public awareness, which will be done through giving each family in a zoned area of responsibility, a telephone line of the nearest station or police post.

He encouraged the public to share all relevant information on matters of security including distress calls and also utilise suggestion boxes at the stations and LC offices which will be provided by police as one of the ways to receive first-hand information.

He also added that the public can reach the police via their WhatsApp line 0707114114 on which they will be responded to immediately at
He, however, requested the public to have community-based security approaches such as employment of village scouts, vetting and registration of those that work at homes- plumbers, casual labourers, house helps, and also  installation of cameras in their premises and vehicles (taxis, public and private transport), to boost police surveillance and investigation capacities all aimed at curbing crime.

On his part, Gen. commended the serving Local Defence Units (LDU’s),  saying they have helped to fight insecurity and crimes which had become an everyday talk among Ugandans in previous months.

He added that so far at least 2000 criminals have been arrested since the deployment of LDU’s and said they as security officers hope that other remaining criminals are to be dealt with soon. 

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