‘Do Not Evict Tenants For Not Paying Rent Due To COVID-19 Lockdown’-Museveni Orders Landlords

‘Do Not Evict Tenants For Not Paying Rent Due To COVID-19 Lockdown’-Museveni Orders Landlords

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By Andrew Irumba

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has ordered all tenants in Kampala and other parts of the country not to evict any tenants or demand rent during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

The President issued the directive during his 9th national address about Coronavirus, during which he noted that this is a matter of life and death, hence landlords should consider deferring all rent arrears.

“Landlords trying to evict people for not paying rent, this should not be allowed. They should contribute. The world is not ending, the shutdown is for a limited period, and it will end. The debt can be cleared after we are through with this,” Mr Museveni said.

In addition, the President directed the police to reign in on the situation should they find anyone being evicted during this period.

President Yoweri Museveni vehemently warned landlords against evicting tenants who will fail to pay their monthly dues during the period the country grapples with the fight against Covid-19.

He asked landlords to be patient with their tenants considering that the current crisis in the country is affecting everyone.

In a bid to put the spread of the virus at bay, the President last week announced a two-week lockdown following citizens’ violation of the previous measures.

Under the lockdown, the President prohibited all movement, closed shopping malls, arcades, non-food stores, lodges, saloons, and public gatherings, among others. He therefore encouraged all people, except the essential workers to stay home.

However, the most affected were those living on a hand to mouth income but government promised to relieve them of some of the burdens like food.

Many of these were running small business like bars, salons, hardware stores, boutiques, etc which he closed down, thereby cutting off their livelihood.

During his Wednesday address, Museveni insisted that this is not a matter of convenience, but one of life and death, noting that  it is better to be closed in one’s home than in a grave.

Uganda confirmed her first case of Covid-19 on March 21, 2020 but the numbers have since grown to 53.

TheSpy Uganda recently brought you a list of city arcade owners who are reportedly putting  tenants on ‘Bunkenke’ (tenterhooks) for rent arrears during the COVID-19 lockdown. They include but are not limited to the following;

Drake Lubega

He owns Majestic plaza, Qualicel Building, Qualicel Bus Terminal, Jesco Plaza, Mini Price, Jamboree Plaza, Nabukeera plaza, among other buildings. He wants his rent as soon possible.

Mansur Matovu aka Young

He is the proprietor of Zai Plaza, Ivory Plaza, Sunset Arcade, Cooper Complex, Namaganda Plaza, M.M Plaza, Jumbo Plaza and Energy Centre. He demands, not excuses from his tenants but his rent money.

Young Tycoon Hamis Kiggundu

This one owns Ham Shopping Arcade, Ham Towers in Wandegeya, Pearl Apartments, to mention but a few. He doesn’t want to hear your stories, he wants to see bank slips.

Bosco Muwonge

He is the landlord of Gaggawala Shauliyako, Corner Plaza, Namayiba Bus Terminal and Kisenyi Bus Terminal. He sold his 6 buildings in 2017 due to increasing debts. These were Jumbo Arcade, Boost House, Stone Corner, Superior Complex, Premier Building and Nabugabo Arcade. Now, he has had enough problems by selling his own to solve his problems. It’s that rent that he depends on to service his loans also, please pay him.

Babirye Mugerwa

She owns Park View plaza, Yamaha Centre, H and B Plaza, Hanifa Towers and other buildings. She doesn’t want to know your problems please, she has enough too, simply pay her she solves hers and you also solve yours.

Tom Kitandwe

He is the owner of a giant shopping arcade in Kikuubo, owns Nakasero Complex, Galiraaya Plaza, Gazaland Plaza,  People’s Plaza, Midcity Arcade and Mackay Building. He also has Bank loans to service, unless the president asks his banks to delay their demands, he will also need his rent.

Godfrey Kirumira

The Chairman Kwagalana Group owns Kirumira Towers, Royal Complex, BTC Building in Ndeeba among other buildings. Haaaaaa! this one now! Please pay him,because he had just started building his other mansion in Muyenga, the site needs cement. And by the way, you’ve been following his land wrangles with generals, forgive the man and pay his rent.

John Sebalamu

This one owns Capital House, Bata Bata building, Naiga Chambers, Charm Towers and Freedom City complex. The power and water bills alone, before you talk about any other thing, you need to have empathy and pay him. NWSC and Umeme have not promised to waive off their bills so far,where should he get the money to pay? pay your rent.

Christine Nabukeera

She is the proprietor of Nana Shopping Centre, which houses one of the biggest supermarkets in Kampala Central Business District (CBD) and is rented by several traders. This wealthy businessman owns Mutaasa Kafeero Plaza, Zainab Aziza Emporium and other buildings.

Moses Kalungi

He is the proprietor of Kalungi  Plaza in downtown Kampala, although the businessman is said to be erecting a mega shopping complex in Kampala that will house supermarkets, swimming pools, pharmacies, cinemas, theatres, to mention but a few.

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