Don Zella: It’s Only Kenzo Who Ate My Sumbi, Not Broke Big Eye

Don Zella: It’s Only Kenzo Who Ate My Sumbi, Not Broke Big Eye an accessible web community

By Frank Kamuntu

Earlier today social media was awash with Don Zella’s Facebook post where she claimed that just like Amaal and Maya (Kenzo’s children), her son too carries the singer’s first name, Musuuza.

This left critics wondering why she had to name him after Kenzo, yet they all know that he is singer Big Eye (real name Ibrahim Mayanja)’s son. Many started alleging that Kenzo may be Britton’s real father.

“Dear Big Eye, respect my son’s condition.Beg for your money in peace but don’t ever use my son as your go escape. I don’t talk to you, I have not talked to you in years and you have never given me any single shilling for my son since he was born,

So I don’t see why you demand money using my sick son’s name. Get well Britton Diamond Musuuza,” Don Zella shared on her facebook page.

She later added, “Dear Ladies take care of what is yours, give It all priceless moments unconditional Love # Musuuzas # Tulinda Mugole.”

However Don Zella’s post and his fans comments left Kenzo staggering forcing him to share a long statement on his facebook page in defense and protection of his relationship with Big eye star boss and Don Zella.

In his post Eddy Kenzo revealed that he saw many photos circulating on social media indicating that Don Zella’s kids resembled his daughter Aamal adding that those are just enemies that want to put him down and his relationship with Big Eye and Donzella which prompted him to make a clarification on the issue.

Kenzo’s post reads;

“I have seen many people on social media sharing pictures nga babigase. I don’t know what you’re trying to mean!!!!!. Brighton mutabani wa Big Eye and my sister Don Zera abantu bano baganda bange dala sagala muntabule nabo,

Because I know them for a long time. Nze nina abaana banji era mbagala nyo. But I only have two biological children.

That’s Maya and Aamal, mukama bwaliba ampadde omwana omulala I will be telling you my people. Era bwenababulira Maya and Aamal, I can’t hide my kid’s kubanga enkya muganda wange the late Paul Kafero Kyatuwade eky’okuyiga.

Eky’okubanga Mama wa Brighton yasalawo amubulemu elinya Musuuza tekirina buzibu wadde. Silaba lwaki mukifudde ensonga endala.Nange nze mandera inspired by my big brother mande.

And Nelson mandera shira bwaba erinya musuuza limunyumira why note. We are one. Brighton is my good friend era ampita uncle Eddy. Get well soon Brighton God is on your side.” Eddy Kenzo posted.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Don Zella has created love pressure to Musuza, last year after the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs), when she came public that Kenzo was the real father of her child (Britton). Not singer Big Eye, real name Ibrahim Mayanja as people initially thought.

She shared a picture of Britton seated on Kenzo’s laps, and captioned it with “Is the sugar enough or I should add more? Allow me to introduce to you my all-stars the Musuuza’s.”

But after the post attracting too much attention, the socialite pulled it down immediately but many social media gossipers had already seen and started to draw similarities between Kenzo and his said son. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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