DP President Mao Now Full Minister After Swearing In As Justice Minister

DP President Mao Now Full Minister After Swearing In As Justice Minister

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By Spy Uganda

The Minister designate for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Norbert Mao has been sworn-in at state house Entebbe following his appointment by president Yoweri Museveni and parliamentary approval.

The Democratic Party president took an oath of all allegiance and secrecy and pledged constitutional reforms as some of the ideas that he will recommend to government.

Mao turns a minister after signing an agreement with President Yoweri Museveni in which the two agreed to work together politically.

After swearing in, Mao told journalists that the agreement he signed with the NRM is in line with DP’s strategic objectives, which he says the National Executive Committee (NEC) endorsed on October 25th, 2021 during a meeting at Essela Country Hotel in Najjera.

Mao reiterated that NEC endorsed three key strategic objectives during the meeting having lost in the January 2021 general polls. The three objectives included; capturing power, attaining majority parliamentary seats in the main opposition party, or sharing power with the reigning government.

He observed that the cooperation agreement is not peculiar to what his predecessors did, and assured Ugandans that DP’s agenda is to establish a national dialogue, the constitutional review commission, and a peaceful transition of power will succeed to the benefit of the country.

According to Mao, in the next two election cycles including 2026 and 2031, the country will enjoy an all-party government that will serve Ugandans without party affiliations, regional belonging, or tribal sentiments, the prevailing situation that has torn apart the country.

Earlier this week, Mao told those he left in opposition thus; “Uganda is in transition and it is not coming but has started. We(DP) have only done what a catalyst does. This is what DP has done and it is known as the shock doctrine. As to whether I will ever become a president that one I don’t know and I don’t care. Let me be the Moses who will not come to the promised land but Uganda must go to the promised land.”

“Let me remain this side but I want to push you to go to the promised land and that is my job. I am not dying to be president but to see Uganda not wasting time in the Sinai desert of deception and confusion for 40 years. The journey to the promised land is 11days from the Sinai desert on foot. By 2026, NRM will have been in Uganda as a government for 40 years. Ugandans, don’t care about me but go to the promised land since I have led you. I don’t have to cross with you.”

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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