DP Urges Gov’t To Prioritize Local Investors As Foreign Companies Exit

DP Urges Gov’t To Prioritize Local Investors As Foreign Companies Exit

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By Wekoyera Moses 

Kampala: The Democratic Party (DP) in its weekly press briefing has eulogised Dr. Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige (BMK), as a celebrated businessman that was able to build his business empire from a humble background without the government’s support.

It is from this background that Party’s Deputy Publicist dubbed National Legal Advisor, Mr.Luyimbazi E. Nalukoola urged the government to prioritise local investments. He noted that despite the priority extended to foreign investors in terms of tax holidays and other exemptions, many of their multi-billion businesses are worrisomely closing up and exiting Uganda giving an example of Shoprite, Africell and Game Stores which is contrary to local investments.

”Uganda investors face the greatest challenge of heavy taxes imposed on industrial products,” said Nalukoola before adding that government should make tangible investments in the agricultural and industrial sector if the country is to overcome unemployment and avoid foreign exploitation.

On the issue of collapsing buildings, DP revealed that many storey buildings have no construction plans and are erected hastily especially during the lockdown without clear supervision.

”We wonder where some people are fishing money to erect such buildings at a time when many Ugandans are locked and grassing in their homes,” noted Nalukoola before adding that those in government have allocated themselves and their cronies prime land, built-in roads, depleted swamps and destroyed forest reserves.

On the question of Nation Unity Platform (NUP)’s decline to join Interparty Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD), DP reasoned that this is a voluntary move and party leaders are right for whatever decision they make.

”If NUP leaders feel they can’t get any fruitful solution from IPOD, the choice is theirs. However DP believes in dialogue and reconciliation,” said Nalukoola.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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