Dr Besigye Announces Massive National Anti-Corruption Protests

Dr Besigye Announces Massive National Anti-Corruption Protests

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By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) four-time presidential contender Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye has revealed that his People’s Government is to gold nationwide protests against corruption, on Wednesday December 4, 2019.

This revelation was made in a statement issued on Thursday by Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze, who is the People’s Government spokesperson.

In the said statement it was also  revealed that the People’s Government had declared December 4 the annual Anti-Corruption day in Uganda that will be commemorated every year.

The People’s Government statement reads in part thus; “We the People’s Government welcome the declaration of Wednesday December 4, 2019 as the National Anti-Corruption Day and the realisation that Ugandans have to carry out activities against corruption and IMPUNITY.

The statement from People’s Government

The Architects, Masterminds/Purveyors and Hawkers of corruption have become emboldened to the extent that the country risks to turn such a Day into a celebration, cleansing and glorifying corruption and its ills.

It is on this that We the People’s Government, have resolved  in the spirit and command of Article 3 of the Constitution, to Assemble and March.

We are aware that all institutions of government have cleared and prepared for the National Anti-Corruption activities that include marching on the streets of Kampala. We are also aware that venues of convergence have also been set aside.

Part of the statement issued by People’s Government about the Anti-Corruption protests

The People’s President will on that day lead his  Cabinet,  Government and Members of the National People’s Assembly in an Anti-Corruption March from the Headquarters of People’s Government at Plot 6, Katonga Road,  Nakasero, to the Constitutional Square at Midday.

The People’s Government will be joined by all Anti-Corruption agencies, leaders of Democracy-seeking formations and all Ugandans.

Similar activities will simultaneously be carried out in all districts in Uganda led by District Commissioners  and Members of People’s District and Sub-county Assemblies.

This is a golden opportunity for us Ugandans who suffer the brunt of this endemic  corruption to be seen and heard…”

However, it’s not yet clear whether Besigye and his team have already sought permission to hold the protests. The police are also yet to reveal whether they will allow the Anti-Corruption protests or not.

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