Dr.Sudhir Hosts Over 200 Asians To Commemorate 50yrs Since Amin Expelled Them From Uganda

Dr.Sudhir Hosts Over 200 Asians To Commemorate 50yrs Since Amin Expelled Them From Uganda

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By Spy Uganda

50 years today, Ugandan strongman and dictator – Idi Amin, proclaimed that Ugandan Asians had 90 days to leave the country. At a sweep, three to four generations of Ugandan Asians were made stateless and many looked to Britain and Canada to provide them with a safe place where they could resettle

It’s from the above background that Uganda’s businessman tycoon dubbed Nepalese Consul to Uganda, Dr.Sudhir Ruparelia decided to host fellow Asians at his swanky residency in Kololo, a Kampala City suburb to remember the sad events.

Ms Kala Chavda, Shanta Mistry, Nila Kara Who Jetted In From UK Posing In A Photo With Our Chief Spy Andrew Irumba At Sudhir’s Residence on Thursday night

Our spy who is on ground has learnt that over 200 Asians who have been hosted by Sudhir came from different parts of Uganda and other parts of the world such as United Kingdom, India, Canada among others.

Various members our spy spoke to narrated some of the most difficult situations they went through to exit in few day literally leaving all their wealth behind. “You had only one choice at that time, there was no negotiation because the man you would negotiate with was being feared more than a lion. So the only choice our parents had was to save our lives and forget about property. But more difficult was now to adopt a life of begging for survival where we were in camps in Canada, yet in Uganda we were living in abundancy,” narrated Kala who left Uganda at age of 11.

Enjoy the pictorial Evidence below;

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