Drama As Security Minister Gen. Tumwine Grills Lt.Gen.Angina Over City Tycoon Kirumira,Ben Land Wrangle

Drama As Security Minister Gen. Tumwine Grills Lt.Gen.Angina Over City Tycoon Kirumira,Ben Land Wrangle

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By Spy Uganda

Gen. Elly Tumwine, who is the minister for Security in president Yoweri Museveni’s government come Lt.Gen. Charles Angina over his involvement in the land dispute between city tycoon Godfrey Kirumira and Dr.Ben Kinghi.

This happened this morning after tough talking Gen.Tumwine was filmed in a video clip bitterly cautioning speechless this time round fellow Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) Lt. Gen. Charles Angina, who is also the Deputy Chief of Defence Forces (DCDF).

Gen. Charles Angina and other residents at the scene

The two UPDF Generals clashed over a land wrangle involving city businessman Godfrey Kirumira and Dr Ben Kinghi, of Makerere University Walter Reed Project.

Godfrey Kirumira was taught a lesson last time, so this time he sent Gen. Tumwine to fight his wars

Spy Uganda revealed a few days back how Kirumira had gotten clobbered by workers at Dr Kinghi’s residence, who were constructing a road to his house, that neighbors Kirumira’s Hotel International Muyenga, a Kampala surbub.

The land where Dr. Ben Kinghi is constructing a road

So after being clobbered, Kirumira, our Spy reveals, ran to Gen. Tumwine crying like a baby, claiming they wanted to finish him off. He reportedly told Tumwine how Angina had allegedly ordered his men to beat him up to cabbages, yet Kinghi was encroaching on his land.

Now the Minister fo security and a membe of the high command of UPDF, Gen.Tumwine moved with a squad of soldiers who sealed off the entire area on Friday morning, before disarming Gen. Angina and his guards both verbally and physically.

Gen. Elly Tumwine grilling Gen. Charles Angina

In a video recorded at the scene which has gone viral on social media, Gen. Tumwine is seen roasting former Deputy Chief of Defence Forces, Lt. Gen. Charles Angina, currently deputy Coordinator of the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) Gen.Salim Saleh, young brother to president Museveni, for taking sides in a land dispute which involves businessman Godfrey Kirumira.

But ironically, whereas Tumwine accuses Angina of taking sides and abusing the Forces, he is also seen to be advocating for Kirumira’s side, such that the tycoon prevails, after the lesson he was taught the last time he attempted to interfere with Kinghi’s workers.

Last month, Kirumira alleged that Gen. Angina was behind a group of soldiers who beat him up following a land dispute with another fellow.
However, it turned out that they were workers constructing the road to Kinghi’s residence, who he had insulted and assaulted.

Now in a video seen by Spy Uganda, Gen. Tumwine is seen roasting Gen. Angina, accusing him of using his office and Army uniform to tarnish the image of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) which Tumwine said they fought for.

Tumwine is heard barking at Angina that “Don’t abuse our forces. We all have wrangles. We all have problems but we don’t use the Forces like this. We have worked to build the image of our Force!”

Copy of minutes for the meeting Kirumira and wife refused to attend

Tumwine roars that “If there is a dispute on the land, that is an issue that should be left for Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and the Lands Ministry to enforce the law and not the army.

However, sources at the scene reveal that Angina explained to Gen.Tumwine that he had not involved the army in the land wrangles and that he was at the scene not in the capacity of a UPDF officer, but as a personal friend of Dr Kinghi’s family.

Kirumira Plays Monkey Tricks

We have established that the land wrangle stems from a land Kinghi bought on Block 224 Plot 7669 in Kisugu-Muyenga, near Kirumira’s hotel. Since the road to Kinghi’s residence was in a bad state, he decided to hire a contractor to construct it, but Kirumira had always been against the development.

According to documents seen by Spy Uganda, the Ministry of Lands on August 9, 2019 dispatched a survey team to go and open the boundaries of the contested land.

The surveyors led by Ibrahim Magemeso compiled a report indicating that Kinghi is within the rightful boundaries of his land and that Kirumira had no claim to the road.

We have also seen documents from the area Local Council Chairman indicating that meetings were convened severally to mitigate the matter with Kirumira but he had since resorted to playing monkey tricks by not appearing in the meetings.

So it was after Kirumira refusing to appear in meetings that Kinghi, with clearance from the Ministry of Lands Surveyors, instructed the construction to kickoff, only for Kirumira to storm from nowhere and he started kicking everyone, including the excavator!

Kirumira owns the Hotel with his wife Sheila Ndagano Agonzibwe, whose lawyers of Allied Advocates had written to Kinghi’s lawyers of Enoth Mugabi advocates and Solicitors but she also never attended meetings, yet she had claimed that Kinghi had tresspassed on her (their) land. Watch the space…..

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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