Drama! Man U, Granada Game Halt As Naked Man Invades Pitch, Runs Behind Players (VIDEO)

Drama! Man U, Granada Game Halt As Naked Man Invades Pitch, Runs Behind Players (VIDEO)

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By Spy Uganda

Thursday’s Manchester United–Granada match in the Europa League was interrupted in the 10th minute by a man running stark naked across the pitch at the Estadio de Los Cármenes.

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The streaker was quickly identified as 37-year-old Olmo García, known locally as “The Naked Man of Granada.” García has been strutting around the southern Spanish city fully nude since 2016, even in the dead of winter, so seeing his naked body is no shock to residents. But how did García manage to get into the stadium when the match was being played behind closed doors?

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According to police, García infiltrated the stadium in the early morning hours and spent all day concealed under a canvas, waiting for the 9 p.m. kickoff.

“He made it onto the pitch from underneath a large canvas, where he was hidden,” the cops said, according to Reuters. “The man-made it into the stadium at 7 a.m. after getting through the security perimeter located between the stadium and the Palacio de Deportes building, where it is clear he spent the next 14 hours hidden under the canvas in order to not be seen until he decided to make his move.”

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Nudity is not prohibited in Granada, so García’s usual escapades don’t get him into any trouble with the law. Breaking into a stadium and going streaking is another story, though.

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