Drop Your Defective Charges! Dr Nyanzi Wants Charges Against Her Dropped

Drop Your Defective Charges! Dr Nyanzi Wants Charges Against Her Dropped

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By Our Reporter

Doctor Stellah Nyanzi on Wednesday objected to the hearing of her case in which she is accused of insulting the President’s mother this year saying that the charges are defective.

When the case came up for hearing, the resident state Attorney, Ms Janet Kitimbo who was ready with her four witnesses who so far include police officers and a senior lawyer Dalton Opwonya; Nyanzi’s lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde stood up to object to the trial and asked the magistrate to dismiss the charges against her.

Ssemakadde asked court to set free the embattled Makerere university researcher from Luzira prison where she has spent over two months on grounds that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) erroneously charged her with bad offenses in law.

He states that the particulars in each count do not disclose the precise offenses committed by Dr Nyanzi.

“The counts are a duplication of each other. Cyber harassment which details three descriptions of obscene, lude or indecent in respect to the Facebook post issued on September 16, 2018. Each of their description would independently constitute an offence under the law,” Mr Ssemakadde said.

Nyanzi has since pleaded not guilty to the charges of harassment and offensive communication.

Prosecution states that on September 16,2018 at Kampala District or thereabout used a computer to post on her Facebook page “Stella Nyanzi” wherein she made suggestions or proposals among others that she wished his Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s mother Esteri’s cursed virginal canal had burnt upon his unborn fetus which suggestions or proposals are obscene lewd or indecent.

It is further stated that on the same day Nyanzi used electronic communication to post messages offensive in nature via Facebook, transmitted over the Internet to disturb the Person of the President.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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