‘Dump Him And Move On’-Chameleone’s Wife Advises Weasel’s Baby Mama

‘Dump Him And Move On’-Chameleone’s Wife Advises Weasel’s Baby Mama

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By Spy Uganda

Popular musician cum politician Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone’s wife Daniela Atim has advised her brother-in-law Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel’s lover Talia Katoorogo aka Talia Kassim to dump him and move on.

According to  Daniella, Weasel is ruthlessly enslaving Talia, his baby mama, in a brutal and abusive relationship which she should walk out of ASAP.

As if to show how much she is concerned about Talia’s welfare,  Daniella posted on social media early this week thus; ” Dear Mama Thea, you are a good woman and a great Mama, today I pray for you and I shall post you here to help you get the courage to get out of that abusive relationship.”

Daniela Atim’s post about Talia Kassim’s Plight

She added that “It has drained you emotionally and physically, I post you here so that fellow women can’t reach you can share with you words of courage and remind you that you can do this…let’s end domestic violence in Uganda @talia_Katoroogo.”

We have since established that Daniella’s post comes after Talia complaining to her and other friends about how Weasel has since turned her into a drum that he beats whenever and wherever he sees it fit.

Dainela Atim with some of Jose Chameleone’s children

Apart from the endless domestic violence that Weasel subjects Talia to, she also accuses him of allegedly cheating on her with fellow city babes.

It should be noted that Weasel hooked up with Talia Kassim a few years back after he had dumped his ex-baby Mama Samira Tumusiime aka Samira Tumi, with whom he has a son. Samira separated with Weasel after learning that he was juggling her with Talia,  who was a video vixen.

Weasel with Samira Tumi before they split

After falling out with Samira, Weasel moved in with Talia and together they started cohabiting, during which time they produced two tots. However, along the way, they developed irreconcilable differences especially after Weasel hooked a Nyaru babe identified as Sandra  Teta, who later got pregnant and he was linked to the pregnancy, although she miscarried.

But pals intimate that whenever Talia raises the issue of Sandra Weasel often becomes violent and ends up battering her, the reason why she is so fed of the relationship but she can’t just leave walk away because of their tot.

That’s the reason why people like Daniella are coming in to encourage her to quit the relationship instead of enduring the domestic abuse that Weasel is subjecting her to on a daily basis.

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