Dumped Kenzo Can’t Stand Heat Of Rema, Hamza  Kwanjula,  Runs To Dubai

Dumped Kenzo Can’t Stand Heat Of Rema, Hamza Kwanjula, Runs To Dubai

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By Spy Uganda

 Celebrated, multi-award winning Ugandan musician Edirisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo is currently in Dubai, where he flew to perform at the One Africa  Music Festival, to be held on Friday November 15, at the Dubai Festival Arena.

However,  Kenzo’s travel  to Dubai coincided with the Kwanjula ( introduction) ceremony of his ex-lover Rema Namakula and her new bonkmate Dr. Hamza Ssebunya.

Rema Namakula with Dr Hamza Ssebunya

Rema and Ssebunya are slated to officially hold a traditional marriage today, which according to Buganda culture, involves paying dowry, visiting the bride’s parents, relatives and friends. 
It is during that ceremony that Rema will publicly proclaim and exhibit Dr Ssebunya as the man who is going to take care of her ‘Nabunya’ for the rest of her life.

It should be noted that Rema and Ssebunya were united in matrimony under the Islamic ceremony Nikkah a few months ago, after she fled from Kenzo’s crib in Seguku.

So, going by the pomp and glamour that was exhibited by Rema and Ssebunya at the ‘Kukyala’ and the recent ‘Kwanjula Shower’, Kenzo couldn’t wait to see what would happen at the real Giveaway, he got booked on a flight to Dubai ASAP!

But before he left the country, the BET & USAAE award winner wrote a touching message on Twitter for his fans and people in his situation;

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