EC Finally Releases Final Presidential Poll Results

EC Finally Releases Final Presidential Poll Results an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The Electoral Commission has today released the full results of the just concluded presidential elections from all the 34,684 polling stations across the country.

The Commission has since January 16, 2021 when it announced the winner of presidential elections, been under fire over delayed release of full results of the January 14 2021 election.

In the results released over two weeks ago, the Commission declared incumbent President Yoweri Museveni the winner of the election, basing on the results from 33,461 out of 34,684 polling stations, which had been fully received and verified before the expiry of 48 hours within which a winner has to be announced

The 33,461 polling stations which the Commission based on to announce the winner, comprised 96.47% of the total number of polling stations across the country.

Today, the Commission’s chairman Justice Simon Byabakama released full results of presidential elections, including those from 1,223 polling stations that were never counted.

According to their final results presented to the media by Byabakama at EC headquarters in Kampala on Thursday, Museveni won the election with 6,042898 votes representing 58.38% of the vote, while his closet challenger Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine garnered 3,631,437 votes representing 35.08%

Patrick Amuriat Oboi of Forum for Democratic (FDC) got 337,589 votes representing 3.26% of the valid votes cast, Joseph Kabuleta got 45,424 votes representing 0.44%, Nancy Kalembe Linda got 38,772 votes representing 0.37%, John Katumba got 37,554 votes representing 0.36%, Nobert Mao got 57,682 votes representing. 0.56%.

Willy Mayambala garnered 15,041 votes representing 0.15% of the valid votes cast, Mugisha Muntu Gregg got 67,574 votes representing 0.65%, Fred Mwesigye garnered 25,483 votes representing 0.25% while Henry Tumukunde got 51,392 votes representing 0.50%.

The valid number of votes was 10,350,819, the invalid were 393,500 votes while the spoilt votes were 29,913 votes, making a total number 10,744,319 votes.

“The Commission wishes to inform Ugandans that the results of 83 polling stations with a total number of 54,357 registered voters, were not included in the final tally due to various reasons,” said Byabakama.

The reasons he said included; allegations of ballot stuffing, grabbing of polling materials during the polling stations, Declaration of Results (DR) forms missing in the envelopes among others.

Last week, reports emerged that the Electoral Commission had uploaded, and then deleted full results of presidential election on its website, which the Commission spokesperson Paul Bukenya dismissed, and clarified that the Commission’s technical team had developed and tested the links where results would be put, but later disabled them.

The Electoral Commission is mandated by law (Presidential Elections Act) to publish election results of all polling stations.

What the Electoral Commission does is to declare as winner, a candidate who obtains 50% of the vote first, even if some results from certain polling stations are not tallied yet, as it is a fact that the difference between votes obtained by the leading candidate (winner) and the first runner up cannot have significant effect on the final results even if all the voters from the remaining polling stations voted for the first runner up.

However, the Commission is mandated to tally all the results later and publish them in the Gazette.

The Commission must account for all polling stations in due course, publish results in the Gazette, and a copy of the final tally sheet, with details of the district and constituency performance be provided to all former presidential candidates. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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