Education Ministry Extends Reporting Date For First Term

Education Ministry Extends Reporting Date For First Term an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

The Ministry of Education and Sports has extended the reporting date for students to government  schools acting as Sesemat Training Centers, so as to create time for conducting training for Master trainers, on the new lower secondary curriculum.

The official opening date for Term One for these particular schools will therefore be 10th February, not 3rd like the rest of the schools, as stated in the 2020 school calendar.
Below is the list of schools affected.

1. Kiteredde S.S

2. Iganga S.S

3. St.Marys’ Coll. Kisubi
4. Trinity College Nabbingo

5. Tororo Girls School

6. Masaka S.S

7 .Mvara S.S
8. St Aloysius Nyapea

9. Jinja College

10. Kamonkoli College

11. Moyo S.S

12. Moroto High
13. Teso College Aloet

14. Sebei College Tegeres

15. Mityana S.S

16. Lango College

17. Sacred Heart Gulu
18. Kibuli S.S

19. Lubaga S.S

20 .Mt. St Marys College Namagunga

21. Ndejje S.S

22. Kitende S,S

23. Ntare School

24.Sacred Heart Mushanga

25. Bukulula Girls

26. Muntuyera High School Kitunga
27.St Mary’s Rushoroza

28. Duhaga S.S

29. Nyakasura High School

30. Nsenyi Girls S.S
Here below is the new school Curriculum;

1. Examinations to be given at the end of year/class.

2. Terminal examinations  are no longer considered 

3. Objective questions have been phased out in all subjects

 4. Students will be expected to produce a field work report after the real fieldwork.

5. Fieldwork studies to be school- based. 

6. Teaching to be learner centered and not teacher centered

7. Formative assessment contributes 20% and summative assessment (UCE) contributes 80%.

8. are to do 12 subjects . 11 are compulsory and one elective

 9. In geography, Rhineland’s , North America have been phased out remaining with Rest of Africa, map use but not map reading, East Africa, China and Photographic interpretation and field work based school. 

 10. There will be two physics, chemistry papers

 11. A candidate’s performance on examination shall be assigned a grade on a grade 7 – point scale, from grade 1 (the highest) to grade 7 ( the lowest), or ungraded (U).

12. History has two papers i.e. paper 1 HISTORY AND POLITICAL EDUCATION OF EAST AFRICA SINCE 1000 A.D (TIME 2HRS)Section A 5 questions shall be set about east African history( select 2 numbers)Section B 5 questions about pol. Educ (select 2 numbers)Paper 2 ( HISTORY AND POLITICAL EDUCATION OUTSIDE EAST AFRICA SINCE 1000 A.D√. Comprises of 8 essay questions.

13. UCE changed to Uganda Certificate for Lower Secondary Education ( UCLSE ).

14. General science for students with special needs ONLY

15. Examination papers reduced in all subjects. 

16. Agriculture as a topic has also been phased out from the geography syllabus. 

17. Terminal exams changed to activity of integration. an accessible web community

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