End Of 40 Days: Police Puts KCCA Operative On Wanted List For Extorting Millions From Bar Owners

End Of 40 Days: Police Puts KCCA Operative On Wanted List For Extorting Millions From Bar Owners

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: A man who purports to be an operative of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) hence extorting millions from Covid-19 struggling bar owners has finally been brought to Police’s books of wanted criminals.

According to our sources, Peter Ssetenda, who claims to be working in the KCCA enforcement department, has allegedly been conniving with some rogue police officers to conduct illegal operations during day and midnight by forcefully break into people’s business premises, harass bar owners, extort and arrest those who fail to pay.

It is said that merciless Ssetenda conducts his dubious operations alleging that he is hunting for people drinking from bars yet they have not been reopened by the government due to COVID-19 restrictions but ashamingly, he has reportedly overstepped his mandate by even extending his operations to restaurants and lounges.

According to reports, Ssetenda has fir the past few days put bar operators on tenterhooks such as at Throwns Bugolobi which was raided over the weekend and a lot of property stolen; who revealed on condition of anonymity that he has a chain of bars where Ssentenda is on payroll and he can never go there because they sort him ahead of his operations.

As if that is not enough, reports further revealed that Ssetenda has together with his rogue cops tormented several businessmen and women within Kampala and its suburbs, whereby afflicted members of the business community have since filed cases of office breaking and theft against them, vide case file number SD REF: 29/14/11/2020 of Bugolobi Police station, where the suspects are KCCA and police officers.

Ssetenda has since been reported to police over office breaking and theft

A case in point is Mango Groove building which Ssentenda allegedly raided together with his goons last week and wreaked havoc, allegedly stole cash from upstairs offices and items worth millions of shillings, on top of assaulting the managers of the premises.

Worse still, according to the aggrieved businessmen and women, is that Ssetenda is a shameless extortionist who has no official appointment from any KCCA directorate, although he allegedly ‘reports’ to some high ranking officials at the Authority and police branding him one of the untouchables at city hall.

In addition, some bar owners reported that when Ssetenda arrests their colleagues, they are never presented to Courts of laws but instead connives with police and torture them in detention centres till they pay for their release.

They add that Ssentenda uses field police officers who raid business premises without notifying Ministry of Health officials, the area police, local security personnel or chairperson, such that he can extort and release the victims without other concerned authorities knowing.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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