Enemies Of Dev’t! State House Anti Corruption Unit Arrests Ngora District Bosses Over Kawukumi In PDM Funds

Enemies Of Dev’t! State House Anti Corruption Unit Arrests Ngora District Bosses Over Kawukumi In PDM Funds

By Spy Uganda

State House Anti Corruption Unit in liaison with Uganda Police have arrested Ngora District officials for the misappropriation of UGX242M Parish Development Model (PDM) funds meant for Ngora SACCOs.

The arrest followed a formal complaint from the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Ngora district to the Unit & Police.

The arrested include Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Wadada Lawrence, Chief Finance Officer (CFO) Elungant Charles Kejju, District Commercial Officer (DCO) Otai Mackay, District Planner, Asio Priscilla and Community Development Officer, (CDO) Egunyu Francis. The Production Officer Oluka Jacob is still on the run.

State House Anti Corruption Unit has registered a huge success against corruption and has been able to recover over UGX30 billion in taxpayers’ money through prosecutions, and other measures used to compel corrupt officials to refund embezzled public funds.

The Unit has so far investigated different public servants for graft, including members of parliament, accounting officers, security personnel, and directors of several government agencies and commissions among other gov’t big fish.

In addition to the above, the Unit has also ensured the safe return of over 600 Ugandans stranded after being trafficked to Arab countries.

 It has also conclusively investigated over 10,000 cases and interdicted over 200 government workers from public offices. SH-ACU was established under Article 99(4) of the constitution of Uganda, which gives the President executive powers to either directly or indirectly perform his duties or through officers subordinate to him.

Launched on 10th December 2018, SH-ACU coordinates with all constitutionally mandated agencies to ensure that complaints raised by citizens are resolved. The Unit also acts as a link between H.E. the President, citizens, and Anti- Corruption agencies in relation to the Anti-Corruption issues.

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