Eritrean Footballers Flee From National Team, Seek Refugee In Uganda

Eritrean Footballers Flee From National Team, Seek Refugee In Uganda

By Frank Kamuntu

Four Eritrean footballers who fled from their hotel when they had come to Uganda to play with the Eritrean National Team in the CECAFA Under-20 Challenge Cup in October are seeking asylum.

It is said that for the past six weeks, they Eritreans have been moving from house to house to avoid being caught by Eritrean agents in Uganda, according their lawyers.

Kimberley Motley, an American attorney dealing with international law and representing the four men, said they fear being returned to Eritrea, where they could face imprisonment and torture.

“They simply want to be able to live free in a country that is not going to imprison them, and they have great fear if they’re sent back to Eritrea. And they’re very fearful that they will be sent back by the Ugandan authorities,” Motley said.

 “They’ve been in hiding. They’ve been moving from place to place, hoping that a country is kind enough to accept them as asylum seekers based on their very solid claim of being persecuted if they were sent back to their country,” he added.

In a video posted by “One Day Seyoum,”  a group focused on human rights for Eritreans, the footballers said there is a campaign against them, and they fear being tracked and illegally detained by Eritrean agents in Uganda.

 “We are in grave danger,” Mewael Yosief, one of the footballers, said. “We are in need of help. Because if they catch us, when we go back home, it’s going to be an unimaginably severe danger for us, because we might face imprisonment — unimaginable punishments. And it might even cause us death,” the 19-year-old said.

In 2015, 10 players on the Eritrean national football team sought and secured asylum during a World Cup qualifying match in Botswana. In 2009, the team made worldwide headlines when the entire roster defected and refused to fly home after a match in Kenya.

To support the remaining players who did not defect during the Uganda tournament, some members of Eritrea’s diaspora started a GoFundMe drive that raised more than USD44,000 to allow “these young men to be able to enjoy their careers at home and allow them to enjoy their return.” an accessible web community

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