EX-Operation Wealth Creation Agent Named In Homosexuality Scandal

EX-Operation Wealth Creation Agent Named In Homosexuality Scandal

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By Our Reporter

Mukono High Court has issued an arrest warrant against Ex- Operation Wealth Creation of Ntawo Charles Buwembo 38, for being a homosexual.

Buwembo  is currently on run after knowing that his unnatural acts of shafting people’s bums went viral & It’s also alleged the sodomite was implicated in sodomy scandals with one of the victims only identified as Sajjabi Musa.

Testifying before the high court, one state witness CPL Tusker Emolot said Blue-Bar and Night Club was set on fire by a rowdy angry mob who accused the bar owner for hosting gays, and other sex workers around the area to do their unnatural sexual activities.

During our visit to the crime scene, the bar owner identified as Namazzi told our reporters the victims were her friends & she didn’t know they were gays.

She added that she has no device that can detect gays, If only she  knew of their sexual orientation before, then she  would have banned them from entering her club.

I can’t differentiate gays from normal people and I have no machine which detects gays, if I knew they were gays then I would have not allowed them to come to my bar, she said.

Chairman LC1 Ntawo Village in an interview with our reporter confirmed to us that one of his tenants reported to him about Buwembos sodomy acts, he reported the matter to the higher authorities to handle.

Buwembo was chased from the village by the angry mob and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

“We passed a resolution and chased him out of our village because he is bringing shame to us, we cannot share with that kind of a man,” one village one of his village-mate said.

The incident happened on Wednesday night in the wee hours of Thursday morning at Blue bar, Spa, Lodge & night club along Karagi-road,Mukono district.

Some suspected gays died on the spot as the angry mob took the law to their hands by lynching the victims.

Mukono district acting Police Commander, Dickson Muhwezi said police is hunting for those who took the law into their hands yet police is there to do its work.

“As police, we are going to hunt down those who got involved in lynching the gay-suspects, why did they take it like that? We have courts of law and thats where such cases are handled. Culprits who carried out mob-justice will be hunted, arrested and presented in courts of law, ” Muhwezi said.

Police condemns mob justice, actions of lynching and burning suspects.

“Report all suspected criminals to us, we are mandated to do that job, there’s no justification for burning a fellow human being alive for whatever reasons, such inhuman actions are unlawful under torture prevention Act,” He added.

One eye witness who preferred anonymity in order to speak to our reporter freely said he heard voices in the toilet and decided to check the door but it was locked.

“I heard voices in the toilets and I got concerned, I went to check on what was going on but the door was locked but upon knocking vigorously, two men came out. We asked them what they were doing inside the toilet but there was no response from any later beating  ensued, others asking them questions while others lynching the suspects, ” he said.

Its worth to note that, Ethics and Integrity Minister Fr Lokodo Simon, ordered the public to stone whoever is caught in the act of sodomy.

Contrary to section 145a of the Penal Code Act/Anti-homosexuality Act,2014 sodomy remains illegal within East Africa and its punishable up to 7 years imprisonment, first offenders and life imprisonment for second, third offenders offenders & promoter/ funders of sodomy.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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