Ex Sheema V/Chairman Eldard Accused Of Stealing Office Stamp, Infrastructure Funds

Ex Sheema V/Chairman Eldard Accused Of Stealing Office Stamp, Infrastructure Funds

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By Michael Atwakiire  

Sheema: As political pressure mounts in Sheema District, leaders’ dirty linen continue to be unearthed. The latest on our desk is courtesy of Sheema Chairman LCV Canon David Kabigumira, who has shocked the district residents when he revealed that his former Vice Elidard Mwesigye is a typical fraudster, who stole the office stamp and initiated countless illegal transactions of money valued in millions for personal aggrandizement. The chairman also allegede that his former Vice chewed the money which was meant for construction of the district structures.

Chairman Kabigumira revealed these while campaigning in Shuuku town council where he exposed his former V/C/Man Elidard, who is now his opponent, that he reached at an extent of firing him from his office after noticing that he was not only a thief but also engulfed with the spirits of corruption.

“When i was the acting Mayor Sheema Municipality, I landed on a budget which had many loopholes and I refused to approve it hence failing Mwesigye’s plans of extortion, he kept on monitoring me until he stole my office stamp and signed the budget without even the approval from the councillors, his is too corrupt,” he said.

He added that whenever he sees Municipality’s unfinished roads, bridges, unrenovated schools yet the money which was supposed to accomplish them was passed and chopped by his vice, he then feels disappointed to hear him campaigning for the bigger district seat.

“Allow me warn you that if you vote him, never come back to me in case things turn black, because he aims at generating profits out of politics with evidence of every election season standing for the position and then after he withdraws his candidature after being paid, and he now thinks i can also buy him, i can’t let him remain in the race and  he feels it”, Kabigumira said.

Meanwhile, Elidard responded to Kabigumira and said that he was jealousy of him because he is more solid on ground and weathier than him. He actually vowed to floor him cum election day.

“How can I kneel for Kabigumira to buy me out of the race, he is just panicking because he knows am wealthier than him and more solid on ground,” he said.

On allegations of being a fraudster, Mwesigye said that he instead felt ashamed to hear that a church Canon can utter such falsehoods against an innocent person, whom he clearly knows has never been convicted of any of the above accusations, all in the name of apolitical office.

“Why didn’t he say all that to me those days, why is he trying to create all those accusations against me today? he is already panicking and am set to win him by over 75%,” he bragged.

Mwesigye instead accused Kabigumira of conniving with the District Service Commission to solicit bribes from job applicants at the district.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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