Ex-VP Prof. Bukenya Turns City Party Animal During COVID-19 Lockdown

Ex-VP Prof. Bukenya Turns City Party Animal During COVID-19 Lockdown

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By Spy Uganda

Former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya, who was at one time also a Presidential Adviser, has since turned himself into  one of Kampala’s top party animals during this COVID-lockdown.

Our Spies reveal that whereas many Ugandans are crying of poverty and begging the government to give them some posho and beans, the likes of Bukenya and others are partying during the COVID-19 lockdown like nothing ever happened to the economy.

This comes after our Spies landed on info indicating that Bukenya often takes off time to enjoy merrymaking with young moneybags like Rugiirwa Katatumba, Suleiman Kabangala alias SK Mbuga and others.

Prof. Gilbert Bukenya chilling for pals before the party started

Whenever they are partying, Spies reveal, Bukenya and pals often hire sexy, juicilious  musicians like Spice Diana, Lydia Jazmine and others to entertain them.

 It is said that  recently they enjoyed one such massive private party  which was held at his Katomi Kingdom Resort Hotel in Garuga, off Entebbe Road,  where Spice Diana ferociously entertained them as they gulped whisky and smoked Cuban cigars.

Prof. Bukenya (C) relaxing with Rugirwa Katatumba (R) and SK Mbuga(L)

Prof. Bukenya made headlines a while back after his wife Dr Margaret Bukenya dragged him to court, seeking an annulment of their marriage.

Prof. Gilbert Bukenya with singer Spice Diana some time back

She accused him of severally committing infidelity with a number of women in Kampala, among who was  Margaret  Nyabayangu, who was a married woman   whom he snatched from her husband and later sired a tot with her.

Spice Diana entertaining Bukenya and Pals

However, he has also been linked to several other top female musicians, among them Iryn Namubiru, Sheila Nvanungi and Sharon O, to mention but a few.

Prof. Gilbert Bukenya chatting with singer Sheila Nvanungi some time back

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