Guys Salivate Endlessly  As Booty, Beauty Besiege Roast  & Rhyme Fest

Guys Salivate Endlessly As Booty, Beauty Besiege Roast & Rhyme Fest an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Guys, if you did not attend the Roast and Rhyme 2019 festival that was held at Jahaz Pier in Munyonyo over the weekend, then blame yourself, because, surely, you missed.

She enjoyed the day in a chillaxing mood

You really missed enjoying juicy booty, bevies of appetizing babes  and dazzling beauty that you have never seen before.

Juicy babes like her kept guys smiling

The event that started as early as 10:00am and continued till the wee hours of the Monday morning attracted revellers from all walks of life, who included mainly corporate figures, socialites and celebrities.

Glowing beauties like these one made the day for most guys

However, our Spy who was at the event reveal that the venue was flooded with lovely babes that kept mesmerizing dudes as each time they wiggled  their saucy booty here and about.

Lovely belles like these one sent temperatures in guys’ boxers rising

Our Spy also reveals that  the bootylicious and juicy babes who graced the festival left several guys salivating and instead of thinking about the Nyama Choma and other snacks, dudes kept fantasizing about  the mouthwatering booty that kept teasing their visual senses  tickling their Smart Wires.

Sharp guys like this dude knew what to do’ hook up!

Here are some of the pictures from the event.(All photos by Brytcity Baba) 

It was juiceness all the way, all day and nigth!
This ‘Investor’ knows exactly where to invest his money

The festival was flooded with Mouthwatering babes like these ones
Some of the socialite who turned for the event
Boobs, beauty and appetizing babes made the day for most guys an accessible web community

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