Exclusive: Security Ordered For Suspension of Journalists, They‘re Funded By Foreign Forces to Work with Opp.To Topple Elected Gov’t!

Exclusive: Security Ordered For Suspension of Journalists, They‘re Funded By Foreign Forces to Work with Opp.To Topple Elected Gov’t!

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By Spy Reporter
Shocking secrets about several journalists that the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) wants suspended with immediate effect have leaked, Spy Uganda exclusively reports!
Highly placed sources within the security apparatus and at UCC, on condition of anonymity have intimated to this reporter that actually the directive by UCC to thirteen media houses demanding the suspension of the journalists in question originated from security’s intelligence gathering unit, and trickled down through UCC, the regulatory body to directly handle the matter.
Intelligence gathered indicates that these journalists, news editors and program managers who have since been put on a 24/7 security radar by the top most security organs of the state, are allegedly being funded by some external forces, who are wetting their beaks with hefty loads of dollars to report negatively about government, with intent to discredit the democratically elected leaders in Uganda and incite the masses into violent riots.

The sources also intimated that the Security and Intelligence gathering organizations ISO and ESO in Uganda have since prompted UCC to crack the whip since they are the line authority and are mandated to regulate all media practitioners in Uganda, just like they recommended the abrupt deportation of MTN’s CEO and other key managers when they tapped into their alleged illegal activities that would jeopardize the security of the country.

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Acted on Security orders: Eng.Godfrey Mutabazi-Executive Director UCC

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) therefore this week issued a directive to thirteen media houses, warning them to desist from breaching the minimum broadcasting standards. In their directives, UCC also wants the said media houses to suspend 39 news editors and prorgamme managers for allegedly breaching minimum broadcasting standards, by reporting and or broadcasting unbalanced news events last Monday, among other complaints.
They also demanded that the media houses, after suspending the said persons, should avail the commission with their academic qualifications and other relevant documents pertaining their respective positions of employment.

The media houses to be affected include; NBS TV, BBS TV, NTV, Bukedde TV, Kingdom TV and Salt TV, and Some of those skilled journalists UCC wants suspended include head of news at NBS TV Joyce Bagala, Chris Wanobere the progammes manager and producer Canary Mugume.
The others are Radio Akaboozi, Beat FM, Capital FM, Pearl FM, Sapientia FM and Radio Simba.
However, this reporter can confirm that by the time UCC passed these directives, the Commission had been informed that the people on this list had been put on the security radar. Thus by directing media houses to suspend them, the Commission was not acting on its own but fulfilling demands from security agencies.

“Actually, let me tell you, but don’t quote me please; those top media gurus are on our 24/7 security radar because we have clues that they’re being bank rolled alongside the opposite key figures to show the world that Uganda is on fire. That’s why they’re following Dr.Besigye and Bobi Wine day and night. Even when they simply sneeze, their work is to report and even analyze the sneezing style and why they sneezed facing north or south,they have to cause a debate on that,” he said.

This source, intimated that Uganda is facing a lot of international pressure especially from America and Europe because, of late, the son of the late Amos Kaguta now residing from Rwakitura has found new love with China at the detriment of Trump and his cohorts.
“My brother, do you know why these days a whole country runs to borrow from the local banks, just like the locals? It’s because World Bank, IMF and America pulled out most of their moneys, US now only sponsors health related projects and even supervises them closely. They no longer sponsor infrastructure and other projects. This is because when you’re dealing with China openly, and there is that oil coming from Hoima, these guys can’t allow you. You saw what they did in South Sudan when Kiir gave oil to China,they sponsored war there to kick out China, same applies here. So they have many manifestations through which they come,” he warned.

In a letter dated 30th April 2019 and signed by the executive director Godfrey Mutabazi, UCC wants thirteen media houses to immediately suspend all their key News editors, program managers and live coverage crew managers with immediate effect pending investigations into their conducts.

Meanwhile, The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) on Thursday wrote a protest note objecting to the directive and instead demanded for a joint meeting between the regulator and media managers.

NAB Chairman Mr.Kin Kariisa in a letter to UCC executive director said such directives would injure the good working relationship they had built with the commission over time and was intended to stifle freedom of press.

Museveni with his ‘friend’ AK47-gun

Last year, president Museveni blasted NBS TV’s Joseph Sabit at state house when he openly attacked his and told him off that their station was working for foreign powers and warned him that they would soon be dealt with.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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