Expert Opinion: Uganda’s Problem Now Isn’t Museveni But Elite Class-SP Rwakahangi Araali

Expert Opinion: Uganda’s Problem Now Isn’t Museveni But Elite Class-SP Rwakahangi Araali an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

With the current state of affairs in the country, different political pundits, economists,university professors among others have aired out their different opinions on the ongoing campaigns and the much anticipated 2021 elections and the future of Uganda.

Today, TheSpy Uganda brings you one of the opinions from Simon Peter Rwakahangi Araali, a student of Master’s of Business Administration (MBA).

Rwakahangi holds a Master’s Science in economics and Policy Formulation (MEP) and is also a certified International procurement and supply chain (CIPS) professional, working with an International Organization which we shall not reveal.

Rwakahangi thinks, without mincing words,that Uganda’s current problem is the educated ‘elite’ who are full of emotions than reasoning.

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”First of all, my profession doesn’t allow me to engage in partisan politics, therefore, I will limit my discussion to the lenses of an MBA student.

The problem with Ugandan elites is that they put emotions and then fail to understand real important issues that need emotional detachment, in order to get good response.

Read M7’s paper that he wrote in 1981, “why did we choose a protracted armed struggle”. M7 writes about the weaknesses he had as a rebel and the strength that Milton Obote had, he said he could convert the weaknesses into strength. During the 4 yrs in the Bush he turned weaknesses into strength. To keep blind about the strength of your opponent and merely rely on your hopes and beliefs is a wrong formulae.

I think, the absence of an internal mechanism in NUP-People Power to correct and call to order their errant supporters who abuse, insult, terrorize and use profanity on people they think are not their supporters has scared away genuine support from NUP especially the middle class.

The outright silence of their Principal (Hon. Kyagulanyi) on his supporters use of the tribal card has done him more harm than good.

From North to South, East to West the whole of Uganda is inter-married. You find a Mutooro married to a Muganda, an Acholi to a Munyankole, an Itesot to a Musoga, as a matter of fact even Bobi wine marries from Ankole, so should they start with his family? Anyway I’ll not go that way.

Unless you out-rightly decide not to see, the fact is that the 35 years of the NRM have brought social, economic and political change. From the infrastructure, security, diplomatic relations, democracy (at least to a country like Uganda with a per-ca-pita less than $2000). We can also see NRM’s weaknesses of Corruption, Gross embezzlement and Nepotism. Therefore, our real debate should be what should be our most policy shift as a country?

If I was in Hon. Kyagulanyi’s camp as his strategist, I would ask him to first pause, regroup and head back to his headquarters (Kamwokya), in the military, this is called tactical withdrawal.

In the absence of the Electoral college in Uganda, it means the military, religious leaders, the CEO’s traditional and cultural leaders among others must approve of him if he is to win. Even if he wins the popular vote without the support from the electoral college, he’ll have no power.
His continuous strategy of putting the youth in harms way with the military is dangerous and deadly. He needs to change the tactics.

COVID-19 is there and it is killing so many Ugandans. If powerful economies like the USA with per-ca-pita income of $40,000 have failed to manage it what about poor Uganda?

Everyone can see that Ugandans want change and nothing can stop the whims of change when they’ve come but the biggest worry is that he doesn’t display the traits of stability.

5:10 Ugandans are below 15 years and 7:10 are below 30 years. 8:10 Ugandans stay in villages and 70% are engaged in agriculture. He’s not addressing this. Infact, most of the people he’s running with have no National IDs.

The continuous disobedience of COVID-19 SOPs and use of violence is a repetition of the cycle of violence in Uganda’s politics and this gives M7 justification to use the coercive arm of the state. As Gen Muntu says, You can not give what you don’t have, so Hon Kyagulanyi needs to re-strategise.

As Ugandans, we need to reflect, so much has gone wrong, so much could go wrong. Things can easily get out of hand very quickly and non us can hold it. If this country burns down, we shall all burn down with it irrespective of our economic, political, religious and social differences.

Bad Governments are voted by good citizens who don’t vote. Let’s all turn up and vote.

In the meantime, let us all promote peace and harmonious living.

Simon Peter Rwakahangi is a professional with Masters of science in economics and policy Formulation (MEP ) and certified International procurement and supply chain (CIPS). an accessible web community an accessible web community

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