Explain Intentions Of Your Visits To Uganda Ahead Of Elections: Section Of Kenyans Want DP Ruto Grilled Over His Missions In Uganda With ‘Terror Leader’

Explain Intentions Of Your Visits To Uganda Ahead Of Elections: Section Of Kenyans Want DP Ruto Grilled Over His Missions In Uganda With ‘Terror Leader’

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By Spy Uganda Correspondent

A section of Kenyans want the Deputy President William Samoei Ruto summoned by the country’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to answer queries related to his frequent visits to Uganda with whom they say is a suspected terror leader,Harun Aydin.

According to these Kenyan politicians, in six (6) months Ruto has visited Uganda five times, meeting the president of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni without clearance from president Uhuru Kenyatta, or atleast availing him with a detailed report about their discussions,and whether those private discussions actually affect the two countries socially, economically and politically. I

But more worrying, according to sources, is the fact that in all these trips, Ruto was accompanied by a terror suspect Harun Aydin, something that has left them unsettled on the secrets behind these leaders’ missions.

”Harun Aydin has accompanied him on a trip to Zanzibar and he was his entourage to Uganda. Mr Aydin is a global mercenary, a terrorist and leader of terror groups. What was he doing in Zanzibar with him?, What business is he doing in Uganda? Is it legit?, Is the peace of Kenya under any threat?” asked a Kenyan politician.

Following Uganda’s political history in the region when it comes to elections, where by every election challenged on account of it being a sham and total mess, this politician begged to know if Ruto is being coached in Uganda on how to rig and later cling unto power. In Kenya, a leader can only serve maximum of two terms, where as in Uganda, the constitution was changed to enable one rule till he drops dead. As a matter of fact, Uhuru Kenyatta won’t appear on Kenya’s 2022 ballot papers, not even to vie for an LC1 seat. So some Kenyans are concerned that you don’t tether your 🐐 goat with that which is infected with a mouth disease.

”Does his trip (s) have anything to do with 2022 general elections and the aftermath? If yes, what is he planning to do just in case the outcomes of the elections do not favour him?,” worried Kenyan begged to know.

According to reliable sources, after a flopped trip, Turkish businessman Harun Aydin has since gone missing after he allegedly checked out of a city hotel where he had been staying since June. Sources added that Immigration officials had stormed the hotel seeking to question the man ‘who has been linked to terrorism’ but they didn’t find him.

It is against the above background that Kenyan government is said to have written to the Turkish Embassy in Nairobi seeking clarification on the identity of Aydin and reasons for his frequent missions to Nairobi as well as  his current whereabouts.

“The government has decided to wait for a clarification from the Turkish Embassy in Nairobi before it can decide what necessary step to take,” a source at the Foreign Affairs Ministry said.

Aydin’s Horrific Background

According to reports, Aydin who holds passport number U20470175, had previously been arrested in Frankfurt, Germany, in October 2001 on charges of “having planned serious acts of violence as a member of a terrorist group with an Islamic fundamentalist background”.

According to US media houses, a Frankfurt court described Aydin as a leading member of a militant group based in Cologne and led by Muhammed Metin Kaplan. Kaplan’s group of 1,300 people, most of them Turkish, is known as the Federation of Islamic Associations and Communities.

Aydin was found with luggage containing camouflage clothing, a chemical-weapons protection suit, a ski mask and materials to produce an explosive detonator.

Investigators also found in his luggage CD-ROM with a training video for Islamic holy warriors, a suicide note to his wife and a last testament, according to a local newspaper based in Cologne, Germany.

He was also accused of giving instructions for serious crimes such as murder and manslaughter in several incidences.

Before the arrest, Aydin had been sentenced to four years in jail after he was found guilty of advocating for the murder of a rival, Halil Ibrahim Sofu, but was later acquitted. Now, Kenyans are worried that a man with such ‘a heavy CV’ is now Ruto’s closest friend. Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta, according to sources no longer see eye to eye because of Ruto’s ‘monkey’ behaviors. ‘Infact, Uhuru is not going to support his bid for presidency, sources added.

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