Fake Doctors Arrested With Gov’t Drugs

Fake Doctors Arrested With Gov’t Drugs

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By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: The police in Sheema district on Monday arrested three fake doctors, who also had in their possession stolen government drugs and medical equipment.

The suspected were nabbed during a joint operation between the police and the Sheema municipality health team by Dr Dennis Tumusiime.

The arrested were identified as Julius Kabugo, 32 years, Glorious Nkamushaba,35, and Ackous Natuhwera, 28, all from Itendero, Kagango division in Sheema municipality, Sheema District.

Kabugo and the patients we found admitted

They were nabbed selling fake drugs to the public, operating illegally, duplicating their academic documents and defrauding Ugandans.

After being ambushed, Kabugo told the team that he is a professional nurse and that he qualifies to operate patients.

“I studied from Kagongo School of Nursing and Midwifery as an enrolled nurse. I neither carry out laboratory tests here nor admit. I just treat these small diseases like headache, fever, stomach ache and so on.” Kabugo said.

He added that “This isn’t a clinic but a drug shop and remember it is not mine, it is for Anthony Mukasa.”

When the Health team entered kabugo’s bedroom, they found two patients who had been admitted there for two days. He was also found with a fake microscope, government drugs, drips and other medical apparatus.

Nkamushaba Glorious after being netted

He was also found with an identity card indicating that he studied from Chemiquip Lab Training Institute Ishaka, Bushenyi during the exact time he claimed to have been studying in Kagongo, which is in Ibanda district. When asked about it, he smartly replied to police thus; “Afande,I can’t lie you. It’s because I don’t have here my academic documents. If my wife was here, I would have shown them to you. This ID belongs to my young brother, we have the same names. These government drugs aren’t mine but for my friend who is sick. Secondly for us here we don’t admit. These children came today morning but they are here just for resting.”

Nkamushaba was also found with fake documents and when asked her academic documents, she presented papers indicating that  she had studied at Kyetume Nursing School. But she later revealed the truth after being asked about medical vocabularies she did not understand.

“To tell you the truth and shame the devil, because I can see you have started asking hard medical words which I can’t even pronounce; I’m not a professional health worker. I was just trained by a doctor informally and then after I bought these academic documents from Kaaro, in Kyabandaara, Sheema central division. He helped me and printed for me these academic documents and ID at only one million shillings,” Nkamushaba said.

Natuhwera was arrested after his boss known as Hillary Omunyakenya ran into hiding after seeing the cops. It is alleged that Hillary owns Neptune Medical Center clinic in Itendero, where he has been conning people by claiming to have medicine that cures fertility problems, organ enlargement, cures impotence, prevents kidney and liver complications among others, which he didn’t have.

Dr.Tumusiime said there are more clinics which operate illegally and vowed to deal with them all before the month ends. Later Bay Cone Clinic in Kabwohe town, was also closed


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