Faridah Nakazibwe Finally ‘Succumbs’ To Bruno K’s Feelings, Praises Him For Giving Her Romantic Deep Sleeps

Faridah Nakazibwe Finally ‘Succumbs’ To Bruno K’s Feelings, Praises Him For Giving Her Romantic Deep Sleeps

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By Spy Uganda

NTV Star Faridah Nakazibwe has mercilessly set social media in-laws on fire, after showering praise to her rumored bonkmate singer Bruno K, which has since left many in contradictions of what could be happening between the duo.

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Faridah Nakazibwe on most occasions loses control given her too much feelings for Bruno K thereby making statements through her socials that leave many thinking how she could be enjoying unlimited bonking sessions from the singer.

The NTV Ku Sawa Emu news anchor has this time turned horny through her Twitter handle thereby pouring her endless feelings for Bruno K as she faulted revelers for not valuing her toy boy’s music talent despite dropping good lyrics yearly.

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“This boy is underrated. His voice will put you to sleep deep in a forest wakati mu mpologoma enkambwe,” says Faridah.

For a while now, Nakazibwe and Bruno have been rumored to have a secret entanglement, but the duo have always maintained that they are just close friends and nothing more.

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And during an interview a few months ago, Bruno confessed that Nakazibwe is a very beautiful woman but he can’t date a celebrity because such a relationship can’t work out so well.

“I can’t date a woman who is a celebrity. That’s very hard for me. I don’t want to be under pressure because of dating a celebrity, I’m already under pressure and when I add on a celebrity woman it gives me more pressure. Surely I can’t handle that,” he said.

However, in another interview when asked by one of the local bloggers about his feeling for Nakazibwe, Bruno K had no hesitation in affirming what most people have been claiming in the recent past.

“Faridah is beautiful, any man would really want to crush on her or have feelings for her. She’s beautiful and intelligent, who would fail to crush on a woman like that?”Bruno K said.

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