Farmers’ Guide With Joseph Mugenyi: Tips On How To Grow Sugarcane

Farmers’ Guide With Joseph Mugenyi: Tips On How To Grow Sugarcane an accessible web community

By Joseph Mugenyi

Kampala: Sugarcane are tall tropically growing perennial grasses from the poaceae family.

Sugarcane grow well in areas that experience summer.

Sugarcane are categorized into 3, namely

  1. Chewing cane: – these are sweet, moist and with soft fibre.
  2. Crystal cane: – These are used to make cane sugar.
  3. Syrup cane:-used in making of syrup for medicine
Sugarcane garden


Its propagation is done using sugarcane parts with nodes attached (stem).

You can choose to make a nursery bed or plant them directly into furrows.

Plant the stem horizontally or incline it at an angle approximated to 45 degrees.

Cover them gently with soil and water them.

Growing Sugarcane

Like any other crop you also need to weed.


After 5 months you can now harvest.

The more time you leave it in the garden the taller and sweeter it becomes.

Harvesting should be done when early leaves start drying up and the cane has fully turned into a crop.

Harvesting Canes

Cut it to the ground level and Detop it to an appropriate height.

Clean to remove extra dirt.


Sugarcanes have got market everywhere especially in dry area e.g. Kasese and urban areas.

You can also make juice from sugarcane.

Cane Juice

So those who have been complaining about every time spraying, sugarcane growing is a good choice for you.

No more spraying needed.

Get all the agricultural information here bi-weekly.Mugenyi Joseph (MJ Farmer) is a practicing Agribusiness entrepreneur based in Kibiito and a software Engineering student at Makerere University. He can be reached on 0701-443309, an accessible web community

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