Farmers Worried As Strange Insects Attack Crops

Farmers Worried As Strange Insects Attack Crops an accessible web community

By Michael Atwakiire

Sheema: Farmers in Sheema district are greatly worried after their gardens being attacked by a strange insects which are destroying maize and other crops.

Bernard Mugabe inspecting his garden

Reports from some parts of Sheema especially in Sheema municipality, indicate that the unidentified insects destroy Maize, banana plantations, ground nuts, yams, cassava and potatoes. Bernard Mugabe from Kyamatongo village, Nyanga ward in Sheema municipality, whose plantations have been affected, told us that “The insects mainly affect leaves and within a short time, the whole plant dries.” He added that “These insects have just come within few days but the way they have so far affected our crops; it is like they have spent six months. I don’t know what God is preparing for us because recently, this ward was largely affected by a storm, whereby some residents lost property and most of our plantations were destroyed. Now we are being affected by these insects; oh God, why always us?”

Some of the destroyed crops  Mugabe, who also serves as the area  Chairman LC one, narrated  that he has tried his level best to kill the insects using available insecticides in vain. He therefore asks government to help them by intervening through the ministry of agriculture. Robertson Kansiime, the Sheema district production officer, said that the production team is working tirelessly to get an insecticide which can kill these insects. He also urged farmers n to keep on trying various insecticides as they wait for the help from the government. Sheema district isn’t the only district facing this challenge of deadly insects. Recently farmers from Mbarara were crying for government’s rescue about the same insects. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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