‘Feed Killer Police Officer To Hungry Lions’- Min. Tumwebaze Advises US President Trump

‘Feed Killer Police Officer To Hungry Lions’- Min. Tumwebaze Advises US President Trump

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By Spy Uganda

The Minister for Gender, Labour and Social Development Frank K. Tumwebaze, has advised American president Donald Trump to feed the white policeman who murdered George Floyd, an African-American, to the hungry lions and crocodiles.

Tumwebaze’s post is in response to massive global outcry about Derek Chauvin, a policeman attached to Minneapolis State, who was filmed choking a handcuffed George Floyd to death in broad day light, allegedly,over a faulty check he tendered in a supermarket.

In a series of pictures and videos that have since gone viral, Floyd is heard crying out and pleading with the policeman that ‘I can’t breathe…please…’ shortly before the murderous cop choked life out of him by kneeling on his neck.

Floyd’s murder has since sparked off massive protests in several American States with protestors wrecking havoc in Minnesota and Minneapolis, where they have destroyed buildings, burnt cars, looted supermarkets and shops, on top of running battles with police. Police has been using live and rubber bullets, tear gass to quell the protesters in vain.

But while all that is going on, Minister Tumwebaze contends that the best punishment for the gruesome murderer would be feeding the killer police officer to lions and crocodiles as a deterrent to the rest of the police officers not to use excessive force when enforcing law.

He went ahead to stress his point by tweeting thus; “Wherever this happened & when it happened ( if its not Photoshop) should make the entire human race weep.  @antonioguterres @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @BarackObama @UN @UNinUganda. This chap doing this deserves to be served to the hungry lions & crocodiles. #Stressful”

However, it is not yet clear whether Trump will take  Tumwebaze’s advice  because the US President has since chosen to remain tight-lipped about the matter.

Although rumours are that the killer policeman together with his colleagues have since been suspended from the police force, the world is still not satisfied with the punishment, hence asking for prosecution of the same to face justice.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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