Fik Fameica Swimming In 200M Debt After Flopped Concert

Fik Fameica Swimming In 200M Debt After Flopped Concert

By Samuel Opio

Info coming through to our desk indicates that Fik Fameica who held his second music concert and first one at Kyadondo Rugby grounds is currently in high debts after the concert flopped.

According to reliable sources, Fik Fameica together with his management of Karma Ivien borrowed over 200 Million in-order to organize and stage the “My Journey” concert but unfortunately they didn’t get the turn up they had anticipated for.

Now the money lenders who had borrowed them UGX200 Million are on their necks wanting their money back as Fik and his management are still drawing plans of how to pay back these money lenders.

“Fik Fameica and his management ran to money lenders and they were supposed to pay back all that money on their concert date but when the money lenders came for their money at the entrance, it wasn’t there,” a source informed us.

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