Finally: Hamza’s Tireless Nights Of Bonking Yields As Rema Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Finally: Hamza’s Tireless Nights Of Bonking Yields As Rema Gives Birth To Baby Boy an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: After more than one and a half years of tireless nights, Hamza Sebunya has finally harvested after singer Rema Namakula giving birth to a bouncing baby boy.

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The “Tikula” hitmaker has been in hiding ever since her pregnancy became obvious, opting to stay home and nurse her pregnancy under the watchful eye of her Dr.Hamza.

Rema & Hamza

She has also been in hiding, preventing people from seeing her heavy baby bump owing to mysterious reasons.

However, she was spotted several times with her husband, Hamza Ssebunya going to a Nakawa health centre for antenatal checkups and news now indicates that she has delivered a baby boy.

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Melodious singer Rema decided to call it a quit on long time bonkmate Eddy Kenzo after a series of unresolved disputes in their relationship in 2019.

Rema Before Dumping Kenzo

The undeniable fact is both Kenzo and Rema loved each other to the born but unavoidable circumstances in life made it hard for them to have a peaceful marriage altogether.

Kenzo failed to find the right balance between chasing his seemingly blossoming international career and sacrificing time for his sweet and lovely baby mama Rema something that the ”Siri Muyembe” singer could not tolerate thus a separation. an accessible web community

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