First Online WholeSale Store Opens Doors in K’la

First Online WholeSale Store Opens Doors in K’la an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Did you ever imagine that all major brands of Oil, Fat, Soap, Sugar, Salt, Baking Powder, Pastas, Noodles, Spaghetti, Spices, Snacks, Biscuits, Juices, Tea, Coffee, UHT Milk, Milk Powder, Flavored Milk, Sodas, Sprits, Water, Sanitary Pads, Diapers, Tissue Papers, Toilet Rolls, Tooth Pastes, Tooth Brushes, Pens, Pencils, Exercise books, all stationary related products, Shoe Care Products, Plastic Cups, Plates, Basins,   Disposable Cups, Plates, and hundreds of branded items directly from your favorite manufacturers and importers and suppliers could be dropped  at your home, shop, office, Restaurant or even at an Educational Institution in and around Kampala just by a click of a button?!

Now, read this; Uganda’s first comprehensive online Wholesale store,, has officially opened its doors in Kampala with a promise to lead the ‘revolution’ from the conventional (‘analogue’) way of delivery of products and services to modern technology (‘digital’).

Kikuuboonline brings you closer and up to speed with a whopping 2000+ products with more than 100 brands, to cover 6 million customers in the first phase of their operations.

From household cleaning products to beauty and makeup, kikuuboonline has everything you need for your daily needs at wholesale prices, making it unnecessary for you to keep queuing at that Supermarket or manufacturers, because, anyway, the same products can now move to where you’re than the reverse.


This is how easy it has become

This new technology will take away all the stress associated with moving down town or Kikuubo shopping for daily essentials, because you can now order all your household products online while you watch your favorite soap in the comfort of your sitting room.

You no longer need to run around town looking for the best prices and incur costs of transportation. You can get free deliveries to your door step with just a tap on your button.

Add to this the convenience of finding all your requirements at one single source, along with great savings, and you will realize that kikuuboonline, the largest online WholeSale Shop has revolutionized the way Ugandans shop for daily essentials.  I bet Online shopping has never been this easier.

Hassle-Free Delivery Options

In its initial operations, is already delivering up to Kyengera on Masakka Road, Bulenga on Mityana Road, Nansana on Hoima Road, Matuga on Bombo Road, Seeta on Jinja Road, up to Entebbe Airport and Gayaza as they will expand in the 2nd phase till they are able to cover the entire country, Spy Uganda has learnt.

Mr.K.R Sridharan, The Company’s Chief Operations Officer revealed that the company believes in providing the highest level of customer service and is continuously innovating to meet customer expectations.

“We deliver orders from as low as Shs.200,000/-. Free delivery, no hidden costs, that’s why we’re starting with that radius of coverage to ensure we take care of our own delivery costs. Kikuuboonline will ensure best quality products at the best prices for quality-conscious customers, because we’re synonymous with superior quality and continues to strive for higher levels of customer trust and confidence, by taking feedback and giving our customers what they want. If it’s a particular product category you’re looking to shop from, we’ve made it convenient for you to access all products in a section easily,” he revealed.

Sridharan added that one can for instance order for Dental care from a long list of Dental care that include Tooth Paste, Tooth Brushes, Mouth Rinse and more, because they are now proudly and officially associated with all the leading Uganda manufacturers and importers of major products.

Payment Methods:

Payments for all your needs have been simplified. Customers can pay through multiple channels such as Momo Pay, e-wallets or Cash on Delivery (CoD). One can pay via MTN or Airtel mobile money.

You can now  physically check them out on Plot No 15, Enterprise Rd Ntinda Industrial Area, reach them on 0392-004311. You can down load their app from play an accessible web community

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