‘Forgive Our Father Where He Went Wrong’: Gen. Elly Tumwine’s Daughter Appeals To Angry Ugandans

‘Forgive Our Father Where He Went Wrong’: Gen. Elly Tumwine’s Daughter Appeals To Angry Ugandans

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The children of the fallen Gen. Elly Tumwine have cried out to Ugandans and the general public to forgive him where he went wrong when he was still alive.

Tumwine’s  children led by Cynthia Tumwine made the appeal while speaking to mourners at the deceased’s home in Nakasero on Sunday night noting as a family, they were convicted to seek forgiveness on behalf of their father.

“While in hospital in Nairobi and while we were praying, one of the things we were convicted about was to seek forgiveness on his behalf. To ask God to forgive him for everything he did either knowingly or unknowingly. We seek forgiveness so that he is on a clean slate,” Cynthia Tumwine said.

“I also wanted not to only do it with God but also do it here that in case dad wronged you in any way, please forgive him. If you also wronged him, he forgave you. He talked about forgiveness every time,” she added.

Cynthia further noted that their father lived a righteous life full of honour that any soldier and freedom fighter would have cherished.

“I thank dad so much for his brave character. One of how he always used to tell us he was ready to die and would make fan of us being scared of death. Dad was so much fun. He was a very funny man. You have seen videos of him dance that have gone viral and that was dad on a normal day. He was so humorous and would try to catch up with trends even of our age. He was just so funny,” she noted

The family appeal follows comments from a section of members of the public who have publically come out to condemn Gen.Tumwine and celebrate his death for a number of his actions while alive and serving government in several capacities.

The most notable one are his words following the November 2020 riots sparked by the arrest of former NUP presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi in Luuka district where over 50 people killed by security forces.

Following the sad incidents, Gen. Tumwine who was then security minister had no kind words for the deceased but rather noted that police and other security forces have a right to a kill any person.

He has since come under fire both during life and in death, with many taking to social media to take a swipe at him.

However, despite the comments, many other people have insisted it is not fair to condemn and judge a dead person who cant defend himself.

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